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Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language, Core Java and Advanced Java is the Standalone Applications. Where Advanced Java is a technique to develop an applications. Advanced Java is to build applications quickly. Advanced Java programming used to develop a Web based applications.

It also used to develop Network applications as well as data base connectivity concepts, frame works. It makes Graphical User Interface as user friendly to develop applications, server side programs and developing applications.

Advance Java is a Platform Independent. It depends upon Java Virtual machine, Code has been compiled as byte code and usually code build from Objects. Mainly JDK tool kit is used to develop a program in


Features of Advanced Java:

>> Type Checking

>> Garbage Collection

>> Threatening

>> Exception Handling

>> Applets

>> Strings

>> Servlets


>> Networking concepts.

Course Content

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Core topics of Adv JAVA Online Course

  • JDBC

JDBC Architecture
Types of JDBC Drivers
JDBC Terminologies
Making Database Connections
Steps to develop a database-aware java application

  • Collection Framework

Introduction to the Collections Framework
Collection Interfaces and Classes
Iterator Interface
AbstractCollection Class

  • Set Interface

HashSet, TreeSet Classes
AbstractSet Class

  • List Interface

ListIterator Interface
ArrayList, LinkedList Classes

  • Map Interface

Map Interface
HashMap, TreeMap Classes
AbstractMap Class
WeakHashMap Class

  • Sorting

Comparable Interface
Comparator Interface
SortedSet Interface
SortedMap Interface

  • Special Collection Implementations

Read-Only Collections
Thread-Safe Collections
Singleton Collections
Multiple Copy Collections
Empty Collections

  • Historical Collection

Vector and Stack Classes
Enumeration Interface
Dictionary, Hashtable, Properties Classes

  • OOAD

Why relationship is required between the classes
Types of relationships like uses –a, is-a, has -a
Explanation on dependency, generalization, realization, association, aggregation and composition
Problem of multiple inheritances in java and c++, overcoming multiple inheritance problem

  • IO

The Classes for Input and Output
File Handeling
File I/O Basics
Reading and Writing to Files
Buffer and Buffer Management
Read/Write Operations with File Channel
Serializing Objects

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  • Having 9+ Years of hands on experience on different Domains
  • Working from last 9+ years on JAVA with Frameworks
  • Having 7+ Years of Corporate and Online training Experience
  • JAVA Developer Certified Consultant