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Tableau is 10-100x faster than existing solutions. It’s designed to support how people think. Drag and drop on the canvas. Leverage your natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly. Experience an analytics solution built for speed and ease of use.Whether it’s in a spreadsheet, a SQL database, Hadoop, or the cloud, you can connect to any data, anywhere. Access big data with a click.

Combine disparate data sources without writing code. Discover what all your data has to say. Creating interactive presentations. Control the narrative while allowing your audience to explore.Real analytics demands more than a pretty dashboard. Build new calculations from existing data, drag in reference lines and forecasts, and access statistical summaries. Experiment with trend analyses, regressions and correlations.

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Core topics of Data Analytics Online Course

Tableau: Data Visualization/Business Intelligence Tool

  1. Introduction
  2. Connecting to Data
  3. Visual Analytics
  4. Dash boarding and Stories
  5. Mapping
  6. Calculations
  7. Building Charts

Teradata: RDBMS

  1. Teradata Overview
  2. Teradata Indexes and Join Strategies
  3. Teradata SQL
  4. SQL Advanced
  5. Teradata Utilities

SAS: Statistical Analysis System

  1. Introduction to SAS Programming
  2. Data Transformations
  3. Loops and Arrays
  4. Combining Data Sets
  5. SAS Procedures
  6. SQL
  7. Macros

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