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Core topics of Data Science Online Course

  1. Probability & Statistics with R (Foundation)

1.1. Introduction to Statistics

1.2. Introduction to R Programming

1.3. Producing Data

1.4. Probability

1.5. Inference

  1. Data Science Methodologies

2.1. Characteristics of Big Data

2.2. Intro to Data Science

2.3. Data Analytics Life Cycle

2.4. The role and required skills of a Data Scientist

  1. Basic Data Analytic Methods Using R

3.1. Data Import/export and Manipulations

3.2. Exploratory Data Analysis

3.3. Basic R commands to analyze data

3.4. Statistical methods and visualization to understand data

3.5. ANOVA

  1. Visualization with R and Tableau

4.1. Intro to Tableau, Data Import and Manipulation

4.2. Visualisation with Charts, Maps, Reports and Dashboards

  1. Advanced Data Analytics & Machine Learning Using R

5.1. Clustering

5.2. Association Rules

5.3. Regression

5.4. Classification

5.5. Time Series Analysis

5.6. Text Analysis

  1. Working on Case Studies

6.1. Case Study 1

6.2. Case Study 2

6.3. Case Study 3


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