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Data Stage is an ETL Tool where ETL stand’s for Extract Transaction and Load. This application is used in data base which is used to integration of data in project migrations. It works on multiple networks.

Data Stage information is used by business leads which requires for application integrity, it provides end to end knowledge with easy manner. It makes to understand and with high flexibility and scalability in integration

Data Stage is used to work with a team as well as individual who can easily integrate applications easily, we can access from anywhere and from any device.

Data Stage can implement designing and screen shot of data using SCD(Slowly Changing Dimensions).

There are two types of data stage forms:

>> Server Form

>> Parallel Form

Server Form Consist:

-> DS Director

-> Import Meta data

-> Files Handling

Parallel Form Consist:

-> Handling input data

-> Variables

Components of Data Stage:-

> Administrator

> Designer

> Director

> Manager (Import and Export)

> Multiple Client Manager

Course Content

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Core topics of DataStage Online Course

  • Data Warehouse Fundamentals
  • Data Modeling
  • Process of ETL (Extraction, Transaction @Load)
  • Installation process
  • Difference
  • Components in Datastage
  • Introduction to IBM Web Sphere Datastage and Quality Stage 8.5
  • Datastage Designer
  • Parallel Palette
  • Containers
  • DS-Director
  • Datastage Administrator
  • Job Sequence Area
  • IBM Web Sphere Quality Stage
  • IBM Web Sphere Information Analyzer
  • IBM Information server Administrator Guide

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  • Having 9+ Years of hands on experience on Financial domain, Telecom and Health care
  • Working from last 9+ years on DataStage
  • Having 5 Years of Corporate and Online training Experience
  • DataStage Certified Consultant