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Informatica tool is designed by 3 components power center services, client applications and module’s.

Informatica programs are in the form of ETL Components such as sources, mapping targets, sessions and workflows.

Implementation of Informatical ETL Process

>> Parameter’s and Variable

>> Tasks

>> Work Flow’s

>> Design best practices.

Informatica training provides data integration software and services for business.

ETL Process which draw out data from main source system. Data Source formats are in the form of text files, flat files and relational databases. Non relational database structures like IMS, ISAM, VSAM.Which fetches outside sources such as spidering.

Key Benefits of Informatica:

-> Which reduces time complexity.

-> Data will be comprehensive and accuracy value.

-> Which secures deliver data and makes scalable.

-> Data contains unique efficiency in market demand.

Key Features of Informatica:

Data Integration: In informatics data accuracy level goes in the flow or way of transforming, profiling, integrating data, data scrubbing which is used to correcting and detecting information, data privacy and testing the data.

Security: Security measures acts which user authentication, makes privacy policy and secures transformation of data.

Visual Interface: This is easy to integrate information in simple visual format.

Developer Productivity: It is easy to design data, which can be reusing objects terms and metadata.

Compatibility: Which maintain data records and moves large amount of data between their efficiency.

Course Content

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Core topics of Informatica Online Course

  • Introduction to Data Warehousing
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Different types of Data Warehouse Approaches
  • Data Modelling
  • Introduction To  Informatica
  • Power centre Designer Tools
  • Types of Transformations
  • Implementation of Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD)
  • Informatica Workflow Manager
  • Informatica Advanced Topics

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  • Having 9+ Years of hands on experience on Financial domain, Telecom and Health care
  • Working from last 9+ years on Informatica, Teradata and also
  • Working from last 9+ years on Informatica
  • Having 5+ Years of Corporate and Online training Experience
  • Informatica Certified Consultant