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ODI Stands for Oracle Standard Integration , it is an Integration of data which performs high volume and performance of data loading to integrate event driven and SOA enables data services.
The Oracle standard Integration architecture stands for Extract Load, Transform where it transforms relational database management system enable access to different components of ODI concepts. This is a graphical interface.
Here onlineitguru provide how to create topology of ODI and organizing, design and model of ODI.Moreover Packages and other objects of ODI aircrafts.
We provide more information based on ODI basic concepts to expert in ODI and with live project and 100% job placement.

Course Content

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Core topics of ODI Online Course

  • Introduction
  • Administering ODI Repositories and Agents
  • ODI Topology Concepts
  • Describing the Physical and Logical Architecture
  • Setting Up a New ODI Project
  • Oracle Data Integrator Model Concepts
  • Organizing ODI Models and Creating Data stores
  • Designing Interfaces
  • Interfaces: Monitoring and Debugging
  • Designing Interfaces: Advanced Topics
  • Using ODI procedures
  • Using ODI Packages
  • Managing ODI Scenarios and Versions
  • Working with Changed Data Capture
  • Administering ODI Resources: Advanced Topics

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  1. Technical Expertise – ODI and Informatica
  2. Corporate Experience – 10 years
  3. Online Trainer Experience – 5 years
  4. Overseas Experience – 3 years
  5. Domain Knowledge – Retail & e-commerce & BFS & Healthcare
  6. Corporate Training – 5 batches
  7. Online Training batches – More than 50