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Priynka Jain



My Teradata  training has been completed and I just want to give feedback about it:

 The training was understandable, focused and informative. Content was good.intially i had issues with voice but once i strated using skype those got resolved .

About trainer: I liked the way he taught and covered all the topics .He is  knowledgeable who really gets people involved; He brings a deep sense of ownership to what he does I feel. He demonstrated his expertise with a wide variety of examples and with practical  and I really enjoyed it thoroughly. He is a skilled professional I must say so overall this training was commendable and motivating.

I will surely recommend this training to my friends if i come across ever in the future.

lastly i have questions  regarding installation . I am not able to install TERADATA software  during the course so I would get back to u once I download the zip file.


Priynka Jain


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