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SAS BI stand’s for SAS Business Intelligence, it basically works on business analysis scenario. It represents sales, costs, import and export information.Where as SAS BI is more flexible and important which handles the powerful information from business analysis reports.

SAS BI runs by ETL process which is a data warehouse concept. Which assign’s every information and every program of SAS.In SAS firstly generates dimensions for particular data and later created table’s .Later it has been validated into reports.

SAS BI consists of three types of products namely:

  1. WEB REPORT STUDIO: It’s a web based tool and there is no need of any installation and it access the information given by user, and perform manipulations in given data, data queries. After completion of that process remote access on server and at last verified and given to user.
  2. ADD IN FOR MICROSOFT OFFICE: It access to SAS Analysis and easy to access the data. In Microsoft office data will be in the form of Excel and Word Format. It makes easy to access in SAS
  3. ENTERPRISE GUIDE: In enterprise guide data will be accessed in windows as the reporting and analysis in SAS will be provided using Graphical User Interface. Enterprise Guide is an important product which analyse and manipulates data due to customs task. This product is more powerful in SAS

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Core topics of SAS BI Online Course

  • Data Integration Studio
  • Management Console
  • Business User Reporting Applications
  • Advanced Reporting Techniques and Roles
  • Creating Information Maps
  • Building a SAS BI Dashboard Application
  • Building Stored Processes
  • Utilizing Advanced Techniques with SAS Reports
  • Utilizing Multidimensional (OLAP) Data Sources

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