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  • Basic Introduction:

Tableau is one of the most effective data visual tools that enables the organizations to represent the data in a more comprehensive and understandable format. It has proved its efficiency in the market by being at par with the previous tools used for analyzing the visual data. With the help of tableau, one can compare, contrast their innumerable data. It has excelled with the previously used Data analytical tool (Qlink).Which was proved in Business Intelligence report BI13.Tableau is taking over the market slowly due to its unique and unmatched quality of just copying and pasting the data, and generating the huge and innumerable reports with in no time. And hence, this’s working towards the organizational development and achievement of goals for business firms.

Tableau is a unique visual analytical tool helpful in simplifying the huge/complex data into the readable & understandable format. It is being adapted by most of the business sectors these days for its ease to use and instant result orientation quality.

It has become easier for the organizations achieve their goals & objectives with the help of tableau. Due to its unmatched quality of making things easier, it has become more popular among the business industry so far and years to come.

Tableau further can be classified into:

i)Tableau Desktop

ii)Tableau Server

iii)Tableau Online

  • Tableau Desktop

The best feature of the tableau desktop is that any person with any skill set can use it. Even a layman with no knowledge about the tool can use it and understand it easily. There’s a free trial available on the site for a better understanding.

One can store the reports and dash boards to the tableau servers and start working on it by merging the same in the browser or tablets. It allows people connect to an innumerable data and convert it easily to an understandable visuals, reports or dashboards on a go.

Anyone can access the server on the tableau server and start questioning or make inventions and share the same with the friends and colleagues. And have a new insights and thoughts about the topic.

  • Tableau Server

Tableau server is browser to mobile interactive and live approach to the business intelligence. With the help of this, one can publish dashboards or reports to the tableau servers through tableau desktop and share it with their colleagues. By this the work is made more easy and one need not carry that cumbersome data everywhere, just with the click of a few keys, it generates the bulky data into an explicable visuals making it more understandable at a  one glance .It can be deployed by any kind of organization, regardless of its size or structure. It gives the optimal benefits and enormous growth to the organizations ending in the happy results.

  • Tableau Online

Tableau online with a host of tableau server features has speed up the Business Intelligence like never before. It’s more supple and secure business intelligence technique, is helpful in answering the queries from anywhere in the world. It’s published dashboards with the tableau desktop let’s anyone share it with the colleagues, clients or business associates.

It enables the business firms, with the live and transmissible dashboards through a web browser or mobile devices. One can comment on the dash boards, share their insights or ideas. Subscribe and get the updates on a regular basis. Once started, can keep on adding innumerable clients to the data.

The data analytics can be viewed anytime anywhere whether it be from home, office or another place. It sort’s out the data, gets into its deeper scrutinization or can change it all together according to the needs and requirements.

  •      Data is the main asset to any organization. It can be secured by allowing the authorized access to the users to view it. One time sign in support through SAML2.0 allows access to the regular users through corporate Identification.

Course Content

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Core topics of Tableau Online Course

  •  Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
    Level Setting – Terminology
    Getting Started – creating some powerful visualization quickly
    The Tableau Product Line
    Things you should know about Tableau
  • Tableau Fundamentals

>> Connecting to data
>> Dimensions and measures
>> The tableau interface
>> Single table & Multiple table
>> Saving and sharing your work
>> Tour of Shelves (How shelves and marks work)
>> Building Basic Views
>> Understanding the Tableau workspace

  • Tableau Advanced

>> Custom SQL
>> Editing data connection
>> Data menu
>> Exporting data connection
>> Size and transparency
>> Highlighting
>> Dual Axis multiple measures
>> Dates
>> Difference from previous
>> Table calculations with other calculations
>> Running total
>> Cumulative metrics
>> Creating custom calculations
>> If/then calculations
>> Date calculations
>> Table calculations
>> Basic Arithmetic Calculations
>> Date Math
>> Working with Totals
>> Custom Aggregations
>> Logic Statements
>> Efficiency Tips

  • Visual Analytics

>> Grouping
>> Aliases
>> Filtering
>> Cross Tabs-(Pivot tables)
>> Aggregation & Disaggregation
>> Trend lines
>> Page trial
>> Total & Subtotal
>> Labels and Annotations
>> Sharing Workbooks
>> Publish to Reader
>> Publish to Office
>> Publish to PDF
>> Publish to Tableau Server and Sharing over the Web

  • Tableau Server Comprehensive

>> Single Installer
>> Worker Installer
>> Authentication
>> Processes
>> Data Server
>> Backgrounder
>> SSL
>> Create the First Admin User
>> Create Projects and Groups
>> Assign Permissions to Projects
>> Licensing
>> Data Connections
>> Metadata management
>> Connecting to data with Data Server
>> Updating data sources

  • Administration

>> Create Projects and Groups
>> Assign Permissions to Projects
>> Licensing
>> Data Connections
>> Effects of different permissions
>> Grouping users
>> Server security

  • Additional Information

>> Day to Day video records
>> Material distribution
>> Interview questions & Answers
>> Scenarios distribution for practice

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  1. Technical Expertise – TABLEAU (Development & Administration)
  2. Corporate Experience – 13 years
  3. Online Trainer Experience – 8 years
  4. Overseas Experience – 6 years
  5. Domain Knowledge – Retail & e-commerce & BFS & Healthcare
  6. Corporate Training – 20 batches
  7. Online Training batches – More than 125