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Teradata a product from Teradata Corporation. It’s a leader in analytics area. Teradata is considered as a data warehouse database. It acts as a single data store providing service to many concurrent requests. Whether it could be a financial domain or Telecom or health care or so whatever could be the domain it helps you to analyze your business trends across years and helps you to take profitable decisions. Teradata’s concept of unconditional parallelism helps in analyzing huge volumes of data. It easily handles queries that are complex in nature. Complexity is in such a way that it can handle up to 256 joins in a query. The data you handle it can handle is typically in large Tera Bytes to Peta bytes.

Teradata comes with a full suite of utilities that helps you to manage, load data and to analyze and monitor your system. You can schedule the alerts regarding system behavior that makes the task of an administrator so easy.

The way Teradata organizes the data on the system is driven by an algorithmic approach in a parllelistic environment. No intervention or reorganizing needed from a admin or developer perspective. The process of loading the data across the environments or from source systems to the data warehouse will be taken care by a set of utilities that comes with analyst pack of Teradata. The coding could be so easier and is common for all utilities. The choice of utility depends on your loading strategy.

Teradata supports the active datawarehouses across all the domains with huge volumes of data.It can interact with all legacy systems acting as source systems to the recent BI prodcuts across all the vendors.Teradata is a easily scalable system whether it could be a prototype warehouse that could start with a appliance to build to a largest ware house on a EDW system.Almost all the major and biggest clients are now on Teradata.

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Core topics of Teradata Online Course

  • What is Teradata why for it is what for it is
  • Teradata architecture & it’s components
  • Recovery &protection of Data
  • Teradata indexes
  • How to storage & retrieval of data
  • Teradata SQL Queryman
  • Teradata join strategies & unions
  • Teradata basic commands
  • Teradata objects
  • Teradata memory spaces
  • Teradata performance tuning on SQL Assistance
  • Teradata Utilities & Tools (Import & Export),TPT

>> Teradata BTeq scripts

>> Teradata FastLoad

>> Teradata MultiLoad

>> Teradata Tpump

>> Teradata Fast Export

  • Teradata Parallel Transporter
  • Teradata SQL Assistant(Queryman)

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  • Having 12 Years of hands on experience on Financial domain, Telecom and Health care
  • Working from last 10 years on Informatica, Teradata and Teradata DBA also
  • Working from last 5 years on Teradata
  • Having 5 Years of Corporate and Online training Experience
  • Teradata Certified Consultant