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Looking forward to learn all about the cool and hip Amazon Web Services? You can take a refreshing breath, you have found Online IT Guru’s Online Training in Amazon Web Services.

Amazon is known for being an e-commerce portal that has reputation for selling everything, from needles to home appliances. Amazon Web Services is their venture of the firm to cater the needs of new and budding firms.

Amazon Web Services is a Cloud Based service by Amazon that provides infrastructure, platform and software to firms that are looking for them. With the exponential growth in number of start-ups, there is a huge demand Cloud Services.

Why Online Training courses on Amazon Web Services?

One of the big firms that offer the cloud services to its users is Amazon. Online IT Guru is a firm that has faculty with years of experience working with Amazon Web services. The faculty of Online training of Amazon Web Services help the students understand everything there is about the course. The Faculty, having years of experience working in the industry, emphasises on the practical learning of the course.

For starting the Online Course on Amazon Web Services students need to know the basics of cloud computing and different types of services that a typical cloud can provide.

There are over 70 services that Amazon web Services provides to its clients. The domains ranging from databases, storage facilities to frameworks and platforms.

Why Online training Course on Amazon web Services with Online IT Guru?

With this Online training course on Amazon Web Service students will be learning the following topics: Amazon Compute & Networking Services, Amazon Storage Service & Content Delivery, Amazon API & Supporting Tools, Virtual Private Cloud and many more such related topics. We are providing amazon web services online training from india, we are the best online training provider for amazon web services online course in bangalore, hyderabad, pune, india, usa, canada, uk and australia.

The students looking for more information on Online Training on Amazon Web Services or any other course offered by Online IT Guru, can contact the faculty and administration though the website.


Learn Amazon Web Services Online Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a far-reaching, developing distributed computing stage given by Web administrations are some of the time called cloud administrations or remote figuring administrations. The main AWS offerings were propelled in 2006 to give online administrations to sites and customer-side applications.

An Amazon Web service describes both technology and company. The company Aws is a subsidiary of and provides on-demand cloud service platform to both individuals, companies, and governments on a free subscription basis for 12 months.Aws provides more than 70 services spanning a wide range include Compute, Storage, Networking, Database, Analytics, Application services. The most popular include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Amazon simple storage service.

This course aims to empower you with hands-on experience to be able to develop and deploy the high scalable application on AWS platform. Aws certification gives you tangible benefits to help you to showcase your achievement and further advance in AWS expertise. AWS recognition is a great way to qualify your experience, to increase your work proficiency with AWS -based applications. Get in touch with Online IT Guru for mastering the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Online Training. Are you interested to learn AWS Online Training from Bangalore, AWS(Amazon Web Services) Online Course in India, Pune, Noida, Delhi, Best AWS Online Training institute in Hyderabad, Ameerpet, Bangalore keep in touch with Online IT Guru.

Who Can Take This Course?

Fresher’s who are hoping to get a kick off their professions in Cloud Computing can go to this course.AWS is the booming demand across all industries.AWS gives more than 70 services. We prescribe this AWS Course, particularly to the following experts.

  • Developers who willing to develop Cloud automation products.
  • Fresher’s
  • Application Developers
  • IT Experts.

What are the Prerequisites?

Any student or working professional interested in Cloud Technologies with a prior knowledge of its working can opt for Online Training in Amazon Web Services.

Hands-on Experience

Online IT Guru, offers a course in Amazon Web Services, with a detailed study of all the service categories mentioned above. Due to their faculty has the capability and calibre to coach the students with real time assignments.

Course Features

Online Course Duration Course Duration : 35 Hrs

Highly interactive, reliable and quality learning sessions of the course are conducted by Online IT Guru. For a better learning experience, the courses are divided into distinctive phases and sessions.

Realtime Project Work Hands on Experience

Every module shall be followed by a practical experience of lab exercises. At the end of the course, the students will have to build a project on the concepts that were taught to them during the course duration.

Access Duration Life time Access Duration: Lifetime

Students will have a life time access to the course materials provided by Online IT Guru. Students also have an opportunity to decide the duration of the course as per their schedule and convenience.

24x7 Support 24 X 7 Support

Concerned faculty can be contacted by the students if they are looking for help and assistance with respect to the course and its material. Students can approach their respective faculty to clear their quires either by email, phone or through live chat.

Online Course Certification Get Certified

At the end of the course, students will have to fare well in quizzes and testes conducted by the institute and the faculty in order to receive the required certification. To clear the Certification test with flying colours, students will be given model questions and certification dumps that would make them confident about attempting the test to get their Certification.

Placement Assistance Job Assistance

Online IT Guru will help students find job opportunities with the newly acquired skill set. Online IT Guru has a varied bunch of Clientele around the globe, over 30+ companies in USA and India that have experience in working with different technologies. We would pass your resumes to them after the completion of the course and ensure that the students achieve 100% placements. During the testing and interview process for them, the required assistance shall be provided by Online IT Guru.

Core topics of AWS Online Course

 Amazon Compute & Networking Services

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon ELB
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Auto scaling

Amazon Storage Service & Content Delivery

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
  • Glacier
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
  • Amazon Content Delivery Network (Amazon Cloud Front)

Amazon Database Services

  • Amazon Relational Database Service  (Amazon RDS)
  • Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon Application Development & Identity Access Management

  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Cloud Formation

Amazon API & Supporting Tools

  • Amazon Command Line Interface API’s
  • Elastic-fox
  • S3-Browser

Virtual Private cloud

  • Building_A_Non-Default_VPC
  • Building_A_Non-Default_VPC
  • VPC_Security
  • Configuring_A_VPC_NAT_Instance
  • VPC_Networking
  • Elastic_IP_Addresses_And_Elastic_Network_Interfaces



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