Best Features of Tableau 2019.1

We all know that tableau is best BI tool. In 2019 march, it has updated with many useful features, that which makes developer work easy and simple. It reduces the Integrating time of data. In addition, you can learn all the features of tableau 2019.1 by OnlineITguru. Therefore, in our blog best features of tableau 2019.1, you will know all the updated features of it. For more information, you can go through our what is tableau blog.Best Features of Tableau 2019.1

Generally, Ask Data act as a question and answer source for every trainee and developer. It uses natural language processing for answering all the questions. It guides each analytical capabilities.

Tableau prep conductor, It is a latest added product of server and online. It upgrades the stats stewards, analysts for continuous delivery of stats in a secure server Environment. It is the best part of information management.

Best Features of Tableau 2019.1

Google Ads Connector:

It is the new feature for digital marketers and they can get best insights from their google ads data.

Update to PowerPoint:

It is nothing but integrating your dashboards directly into presentations by one click. Exporting vizzes made easy from desktop, online, server to PowerPoint.

Snowflake connector:

Now available to the entire platform. With this, you will get oath Integration enabled. In the same fashion, you can go through our tableau tutorial for more Information.

Device layout:

It is preview on the web, Device dashboard just has easier and simpler. Now you can see this preview in your laptop, desktop, and phone. As a matter of fact you can make required content adjustments in your dashboards and many more.

Okta updates:

You can get good integration, in your website with help of identity management services for streamlining user deactivation and activation. Connecting with GBQ in browser. You can see access over facts in Google Big query by making connection to your stats directly from web applications.

Drop box:

It is the new web guiding connector, so that you can directly interact with your CSV files, excel files that stored in drop box, one drive and google drive. In the updated tableau public, you can design visualizations that uses R statistical language in a secure and beautiful way. As a result, this will accept R serve to host remotely from server.

Azure SQL stats warehouse connector:

You get connected directly to your data. That stored in your data warehouse with the guidance of new connector. Dashboard Zones names, you have the capacity to generate a name to any part on the dashboard. Guiding to organize many zones that looking at layout tree.

Nested Sorting Updates and Improvements, sorting has normal. Now you have option to sort with more than one dimension and make it simple and easy to select the trend in your selected Information.

Vector Maps:

It brings easy and smooth mapping experience to online, With the help of vector tile maps. Afterwards these maps look sharper and smoother even before when you zoom in Zoom Out. When you overview geospatial Information. Icons and Labels, they automatically reshape and resize for fitting the view. It is the best mapping software.

 URL Improvements:

This Improvements target on certain web zones that are in a dashboard, that which accept the Developer to manipulate. The Information that, hosted on single data source. This will add meaningful content to the dashboard. Auto dashboard mobile layout. Guiding the mobile dashboard layout, which is very simple and easy. Tableau online will now automatically add the layouts of the mobile in to a new set of dashboard.

Updated Tableau software Mobile application, all the new latest mobile app for android and iOS. To illustrate the latest application will bring the Interactive offline previews just on your fingerprints.

Especially VMware:

Every company that use tableau desktop can move their version to mobile. That which is flexible with VMware work space platform. That Integrated by Air watch technology.

Bio-metric sign in for tableau mobile:

This is the best feature, for accessing the mobile application. Not only this you can replace the existing worksheet in the new dashboard with a latest worksheet. That is just done by Single click. Dashboard spacing, aspect ratio, these are all preserved.

Connector Improvements

ServiceNow, with this you can connect to on ServiceNow Deployments.

Marketo with this you can access more and more tables with this improved connector.

SAP hana, it is the enhanced sap hana connector, that offer you to watch inside HDI containers.

JDBC, here with the help of this connector, you will not get any type of memory error. In addition, you can utilize memory with fast access.

Parameter actions

Now you can visually modify and update parameter value. At the same time, Utilize parameter actions to get SQL queries, filters, calculations and showing stats like that happened never before.

For example Spatial Calculations, you can change longitude/latitude values from the excel and text files. As an illustration, any type of data source to spatial fields and utilize them in spatial joins. However With this make point, you spatially start text files and excel spreadsheets. Designing it easier to spatially into your data.

Export your stories to power point, by designing a presentation ready within few seconds. Every story point will apply in one slide. In particular Latest product languages. a client or user can watch and understand stats in your local language. In addition, Every product is now available in all local languages from English to Chinese.

Now getting tableau certification very easy at onlineitguru with the help of industry experts.

New source Driven alerts view, now you have option to subscribe yourself to driven alerts. Latest view show each alerts and you can see all alerts.

Above I have discussed about ask data. So, It uses Intent for understanding statements like most popular, earliest, last year and many more. In other words Mixed with the knowledge about the information source and past user activity. Ask data provides best recommendations to understand the correct Intent of your question and it offer exact results.


Powerful and updated algorithms Index the information sources and profile. By this ask data knows that what you ask about and what you not ask about. Consequently First class furniture in Product sales data. Simultaneously You can filter the furniture and category and many more. To enumerate Ask data mixes statistical knowledge that is about your information source with the knowledge on contextual with real world concepts. While ask data is considered as smart out of the box. With this, you can simply and easily customize your organization by adding the new calculations, definitions and synonyms.

As the capability of server and online. Ask data needs no extra setup. It works with organisation that promote information sources, with existing governance needs like permissions and security policies. So, It also available quicker in latest version of tableau reader for designers, explorers, customers and many more.

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