Business Intelligence means, applying some tactics for the best growth of the business. Applying of these tactics may lead to the positive (or) negative results.  There is no problem if the applied tactics lead to the positive result. The problem occurs only if leads to the negative results. We cannot do anything if we get a negative result. In this situation, we cannot get the things back. So its good if we have a tool that predicts the future of the business. So BI tools play a major role in identifying the current status of the business and gives a  clarity to the developer whether to continue with the current tool (or) not?  After reading the article, you will get the answer to why analysis plays a major role in MSBI?

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Today, we have many BI tools available in the IT industry.  Out of those many tools, one of them is MSBI which provides the best user Interface to the developer. But have you ever think about how this tool process to get the analytics. what technique does it apply to get the insights of the report? This article is going to provide the solution to all those concepts.

Why analysis plays a major role in MSBI?

Before going to know how does it provides the insights, let me first introduce what does it mean?

For the purpose of getting insights, it uses OALP.  Now let me explain to you what exactly OLAP means?

OLAP stands for Online Analytical process. It allows the users to analyze the information from multiple databases at the same time.  This enables the analyst to extract and analyze the data from different points of view. Analyst usually needs to group, aggregate and join the data. OLAP data can be recalculated (or) pre-aggregated and makes the analysis faster. These OLAP databases are divided into one (or) more cube.  Cubes are designed in a such a way creating and viewing the reports become easy.

Basically, this OALP is a cube. This OLA Pcube is a data structure optimized for very quick data analysis. This OLAP cube consists of numeric facts called measures. And these measures are a characterized by Dimensions. This OLA Pcude is also called a HYPER cube. Basically, data operational and analysis is performed using a spreadsheet where the data is arranged in row and column format. This is good if the data is in the form of a 2D table. But in all the cases, we cannot expect the same. In some cases, we need to analyze the data which is more than 2D. In such cases, OLAP plays a major role.

A data warehouse would extract the information from multiple sources like TEXT files, EXCEL file CSV files and so on…. All the data from these files is extracted, cleaned and then transformed.  Data is loaded into the OLAP server where the information is precalculated in advance for further analysis.

Basic Analytical operation of OLAP :

This OLAP consists of four basic analytical operations. Now let me explain to you one by one in detail.

Roll – up: This operation is also called the consolidation  (or) aggregation. This operation can be done In two ways :

  • Reducing the dimensions
  • Climbing up the concept of hierarchy.Why analysis plays a major role in MSBI

Now let me explain you working on Rollup  operation with an example

In the example, the cities New Jersey and Los Angeles have merged into the country USA.

Moreover, the previous sales figure of New Jersey and Los Angels is 440 and 1560 respectively. But after performing the operation, it changed to 2000 and the dimension also reduced.

Drill down :

It is opposite to the above process. In this process, data is fragmented into smaller parts. This can done via

Increasing the dimension

Moving down the concept hierarchy.

Consider the below example. Here Q1 drilled into January, February ,March and so on and the corresponding sales were noted. So here new dimensions added.Why analysis plays a major role in MSBI

Slice :

Here a dimension selected and a new sub-dimension created. As an overall, we will get one more cube. In the dimension explained below, time sliced with Q1 as a filter.Why analysis plays a major role in MSBI

Dice :

This is similar to the dice with a small difference. Here we can select two (or) more dimensions that result In the creation of sub-cube.Why analysis plays a major role in MSBI

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