Hi, this is onlineitguru, now am going to explain how MS Excel and big data became Friends,  one of the main things that happened are how excel reached so many clients, with a huge set of customers. Okay, it is fine then what perfectly is big data.

It is unfortunate that some things have come up with harsh different ways to understand the how “Big Data” is defined. We came to know that already, big data was working on two thousand rows of data. And we have known from vendors who appeal to do big data for decades and not see it as Something updated.the huge range of Interpretation in some cases reminds us of the old model of the blind men and an Elephant when a group of people touches an elephant to know what it is, that every person feels a new part, but an only single part, known as the tail or tusk. And then compare writings and learn that they are incomplete and Disagree.

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Knowing big Data

In the Excel Group, we have taken pointers from professional Analysts to understand big data as data that contains any of the following :

High Volume – Double in Terms of Data and Dimensionally.

More Velocity – Coming at a very high Rate, with usually a promotion of normal latency in between both arrival and Deriving Value.

High Variety of options –  Holds the ability to data structure and knowing to evolve over the period.

And what Requires ?
Money Effective Processing:

As already known, many of the vendors appeal they have been,working with big data for Decades. If we think technically this is exactly accurate,  however, more of these solutions rely on costly scale-up machines with custom, hardware, and SAN storage underneath to own enough power. The most trusted event of big data is the innovation that allows a chance to make use of some trending aspects of a solution to own unprecedented minimum cost of constructing and Moving Answers.

Inventing Different types of Analysis:

Making the similar past analysis on more data is generally a good example you are making scale-up and not big data.

Measuring Business value :

Between this formula and the past one, if a data set doesn’t really change how you do progress or what do you with your analytic result, then it’s eventually not big data.

At the similar period, savvy technologies also came to know sometimes their requirement, are better met with tried and committed Technologies. When they want to build a program difficult system that needs ACID transactions, a robust query language, and Enterprise-rank securities. Generally Relational databases, casually fit the bill calm well, especially as known vendors advance they prefer things to bring some of the profits of new updated Technologies to existing customers. This shows the most knowledge about the needs and technologies to create the best fit.now I will tell you what is the Excel role in big data.

Excels’s Responsibilities in Big Data:

There are so many varieties of different technology options for dealing with big data. Storage and design, capture and Process management of Data. Ad-hoc and relating analysis, pre-built vertical Answers, and operating analytics baked into custom apps.

Generally beautiful part of EXCEL Big Data outlined categories ad hoc analysis. Here business analysts want to use their preferred analysis tool. On new data Stores to get the unexpected richness of Insight.They approach the tools to go beyond the “ Volume, Velocity and Variety” aspects of big data by also allowing them to ask updated variants of questions they weren’t able to query before. As a matter of fact Including more predictive analysis and Prescriptive Experiences and the ability to add more unformatted data like Facebook feeds, twitter feeds as First-session Input into their analytic work process.

If we prefer Broad Mind, we have three patterns for using Excel with External data. Each with its own set of mindsets and use cases.  These mixed in one Workbook to meet needs.


Querying In big data:

Generally Data Sources Architected for, Saas, HDFS, and large relating sources, can sometimes need,specialized tools, known as Excel 2016.

Transforming Big Data:Big data like all data, is clearly clean. Power query gives the ability, to create a logical, repeating. Checking aset of data transformation steps.By mixing simple steps you can form aclean transformed set of data to work with.



1)      Highly flexible for to make use of any data.

2)      Data stored at multiple points.

3)      Data updated according to excel.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s

Business Analyst

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