Technology plays a major role in everyone life. Storage plays a major role in using this technology. This storage cannot afforded by the companies as per their requirement as they cost much. Instead, they would buy the storage as per monthly (or) yearly bases as per their requirement. Moreover, the various software was also required to this that technology (or) to run a program. For high machines, many software was required in order to execute a task.

Generally, software that was used by the high-end machines usually a paid and genuine software. This software may be used by only once  (or) can be used multiple times. There is no problem if it was used multiple numbers of times.But the problem will occur if it was used once. It would be the waste of expenses if it has been used only once. To overcome that problem, we use the Cloud service which provides storage and software on a rental basis as per user requirement. Today, this cloud will used in many software companies in order to fulfill them.

Azure online course Typical examples of a cloud will Microsft Azure in the following way.

Microsoft Azure:

Azure which is an initial product from Windows, which later became the product of Microsoft is cloud computing platform which provides all the required cloud services. It initially released February 1st, 2010, which later renamed as Microsoft Azure on March 25, 2014. Through it, users can pick the necessary software to the required time in order to scale the applications or run the existing applications in the cloud. It widely considered as both Platforms as a Service(PaaS) and Infrastructure as a  Service (IaaS).

 Azure provides an  API  built on REST, HTTP  and XML  which allows the developer to use the interactive services provided by the cloud.It offers two types of Deployment models.  The Azure classic model is responsible for management of each resource(virtual machine, SQL database ) individually. The  Azure Resource manager, allows the user to create groups of related services so that related people can interact easily.  Microsoft Azure has several components. Azure has several components. let us discuss some of them

Data Management:

Data management can done by SQL Server Database management (or) any other simple data storage module offered by the Windows Azure. The SQL server can used for the relational database. This storage module can store the data from unrelated tables (without any foreign key (or) tables) and Blobs.Blobs include images, GIF etc.

firebug and firepath/Online IT Guru

Web apps:

In this technological world, people usually prepare the website so as to create their brand in the market. Apps were responsible for high traffic of the website. They make the things smarter in your smartphones. They make the most of the services for you along with administrations roles. And these administration roles can changed based on the requirement.   We can create an app using website with/ without changes. We can create the web app that supports.Net, Java, Php along a database like MySql. The goal is to provide the low cost, scalable  and broadly used platforms  for creating and running of apps in the public cloud


The overall cost maintenance low as servers and software taken only on a demand basis as per their requirement.

Designing time reduced as the templates can taken from the cloud as per their requirement.

It allows the quick transaction of service which allows developers to upload a software so as to download by the client as per requirement. It also helps in marketing the software through the cloud.

Cloud became the best place for moving into the new tool (or) technology as each and every tool or software tested before its deployment.


Along with the advantages that have discussed here some disadvantages.

All the environments that have transferred may not same. Each environment may be different from others.So deployment is one major problem while transferring.

We have many factors that increase the cost of operations, for example, high server maintenance for patching and updating the software.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


 It’s good to have knowledge of basic Concepts of oops concepts and databases like MySQL and server like Apache Tomcat. But it is not mandatory. OnlineITGuru will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of those Concepts from the beginning.

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