Enterprises are becoming digitally powered for making certain digital authorization for its customer’s user’s general public sector expects an increase from second to seventy-seven in digital processes.

it’s imperative to create your net applications study and guarantee desired practicality moreover as user interface Graphical User Interface. This can more guarantee the application performance all together to doable.

Test Automation has been facultative enterprises to accelerate the checking method and attain most test coverage. Enterprises square measure progressively automating their check efforts.

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  • Check reusability
  • Maximum check coverage
  • Low  maintenance
  • Least manual intervention

I observe, check Automation will compared to Associate in manual of a console-based game. If put in meticulously with correct directions, today, groups progressively moving towards licensed/open supply frameworks. Than considering a build your own framework approach.

With a transparent read to chop prices and convey potency, corporations progressively movement towards Open supply machine-driven testing tools than finance in commercial/licensed testing tool that means prices. Open supply testing instruments loaded with important options that modify swift automation testing of net portals and computer code applications.

Why Selenium?

Se is obtaining standard as an automatic testing tool for testing Websites. Specifically for his or her practicality and user interface. There square measure some high important to use Se for check Automation. Capability to work on virtually each software system being Associate in open supply testing tool it’s cost-efficient for automation testing.

Supports multiple languages,namely,python,pearl,ruby,PHP,.Net and Java language used for developing the program need not be an equivalent because of the language.

Migrating to Selenium:

Thanks to the software package, enterprises moving towards Open supply check Automation tools, rather than finance in testing tools, like power unit QTP, UFT, or Test Complete. Selenium net Driver far and away the highest alternative for automation of browser primarily based applications, supports execution multiple browsers, and integrate with tools for Continuous Integration.

In fact If you’re considering migration to Associate with Open supply tool like Se for check automation, you would like to re-develop the scripts in Se from ground zero. Within the gift situation, check automation scripts developed exploitation accredited tools cannot be directly regenerate to Se.

While these choices exist, an element is out and away the foremost fashionable and chosen one not only for net Applications, however conjointly for Mobile Application Testing. it’s a value effective tool because it is associate degree open supply tool with no authorized prices and its options are often compared with HP fast take a look at professional, a billboard tool within the same class.

Generally Selenium is evolving as a sturdy net application testing framework. With its open supply licensing and therefore the support that it offer to multiple browsers, languages, and platforms, it’s become associate degree integral part of varied browser automation tools. element and element WebDriver out and away the foremost advanced take a look at automation tools.

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Magic Quadrant

Generally Gartner’s latest report on taking a look at Automation tools (Magic Quadrant) doesn’t mention element because the report focuses on tools that Gartner states “key areas”. notwithstanding. The trade has valid that open innovation is here to alter enterprises, as they might be ready choose the most effective and effective tools for each varied project with varied necessities.

Selenium being enforced by fashionable on-line enterprises like Google and Facebook for testing their net interfaces. whereas it delivers an efficient mechanism to come up with take a look at scripts, ensures practicality and brings reusability for the take a look at scripts, element Automation needs substantial technical experience and support of third-party tools to induce fully purposeful. Moreover, with its easy implementation at the interface level, testers will represent the lure of overusing the Framework for testing lower layers within the software system.

In implementing take a look at automation element. Our take a look at Automation has been collaborating with a world. To jumpstart their automation efforts and implement a verified platform to bring property and cut back maintenance.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


Prerequisite for learning Selenium, It’s good to have knowledge of basic Concepts like core Java But it is not mandatory. Trainers of Online IT Guru will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of those Concepts.

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