IOT  plays a major role in most of the technologies today. Although this concept came decades ago. But it has demand in market. This concept applied to most of the technologies that we use today. The concept of IoT defined in following manner.

The Internet of things (IOT) system of interrelated services like computing services. Digital and mechanical machines that provided with unique identifiers which have the ability to transfer the data over a network without human interaction, human-computer interaction,  human-human interaction.

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The thing in IOT  can a person with a heart monitor implant  (or) an automobile that has built-in sensors to alert when the driver pressure is low  (or) any man-made object that can be assigned to an IP   which has an ability to transfer the data across the network. This concept has been involved from the convergence of Internet, wireless technologies, Micro electromechanical system(MEMS) and MicroServices.

Now let us see how DevOps interacts with IOT

The interaction of DevOps with IOT explained through Feedback way. In a well defined DevOps environment. You not only supposed to provide fast updates but also implement those updates and check whether it reflected in the prescribed environment.  To illustrate Updation requires the reason for an update. Whether it a customer satisfaction, engagement. You must measure effect of update, whether it required because of increment in the customer satisfaction (or) engagement  (or)  something else. If this update delivered to  engineering teams. It must enable faster products  for faster improvement.


Price plays a  major role in building environment. If you would like to build a DevOps environment you need to invest in the infrastructure. As well as for data center for storage.  But if you develop an environment with IOT expenditure. It would be as we have the built-in data centers in a built-in infrastructure. More over you have benefit of buying the devices at discounted prices.


As IOT mainly intended to transfer data across network. Security plays a major while transferring data across network. So as to keep data safe from cyber attacks.  Below measures for transferring  of data  across  DevOps  environment in a secured fashion :

Design  and implement  secure model for  update  of  process.

Secure  product interfaces  with authentication, integrity protection, and encryption

Obtain an independent security  assessment of connected products.

Implement a  secret key for root chains and security on device.


When you plan to scale your business you need to scale your infrastructure as well. With millions of devices connected to your network. Especially You need to send and receive data. Monitor devices, which support multiple ranges of network providers which support a large volume of data being collected and processed.

Especially Real-time streaming and data processing, capability available for large volumes of data. Which enables scaling of individual components of IOT solutions as well as scaling of group items. However Different cloud vendors give an option to scale based on demand horizontally. Vertically with portability options with a flexibility to choose multiple clouds from a mix different clouds (or) hybrid structure.

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Analysis and Visualization: 

Generally It estimated that  90% of volumes of data collected becomes unused. To know amount of data that utilized (or) any other business metrics  /analysis data algorithms must updated as per industry requirements and device changes. Along with this extensions needed to integrate data with data analysis tools. Rules defined with customization dashboards which enable you to focus on more business outcomes rather than building algorithm from the scratch.

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