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Selenium is a web-based open Source automation software testing tool which supports different browsers.Selenium focuses on automated web-based application platform and supports many programming languages like Java, PHP, C#, Python and Ruby. More efficiently web-based applications used for testers. In our blog What is Selenium Webdriver we discuss more topics about selenium.

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Generally webdriver proves itself to be higher than each element IDE and element RC in several aspects. It implements a lot of fashionable and stable approach in automating the browser’s actions. Webdriver, in contrast to element RC, doesn’t suppose JavaScript for automation. It controls the browser by directly act to that. Selenium Webdriver is that the successor to element RC that sends commands on to the browser and retrieves results. Webdriver could be an instrument for robotizing testing web applications. Most important It’s prevalently called component 2.0. Webdriver utilizes an uncommon fundamental structure, while component RC utilizes JavaScript Selenium-Core implanted inside the program that has a few constraints. Webdriver associates specifically with the program with none transitional.

Selenium webdriver Architecture:

It is important to grasp however webdriver tool works and the way it’s designed. This can help to require the nice advantage of the tool at a constant time it’ll help to form right automation framework.

Selenium Webdriver is that the most often used tool among all the tools accessible within the element toolset. So it’s necessary to grasp a way to use an element to move with internet apps. During this module, allow us to perceive a way to move with GUI objects victimization element webdriver. Most Important We need to move with the appliance victimization some basic actions or maybe some advanced user action by developing user-defined functions that there are not any predefined commands.

1) Language Level Bindings:

At the hand aspect of the higher than a figure, there are some bindings and these are language level bindings and with the assistance of that, you simply will implement the element webdriver code. In straightforward words, they move with the element webdriver and work on numerous browsers. Thus we’ve got a standard API that we have a tendency to use for the element that features a common set of commands and that we have numerous bindings for the various languages. Thus you’ll be able to see there are Java, Java, Python, and Ruby, there’s conjointly another binding and new bindings are often further terribly simply.

2) Element Webdriver API:

Webdriver API and these API send the charges taken from dialect level ties to translate it and sent it to a few drivers. Principally it contains set of a normal library which allows sending the charge to a few drivers.


As per aspect of the figure, you see we’ve got numerous net browser specific drivers like id driver, a Firefox, Chrome, and different drivers like hypertext mark-up language unit that is a motivating one. The hypertext markup language unit driver works in the headless mode that builds take a look at execution quicker. The essential plan here is that everyone in every one of these drivers is aware of a way to drive the browser that corresponds.

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Let say you have got written take a look at victim java binding code against the API which binding code goes to issue commands across web driver protocol. This rest-based internet service that’s able to interpret those commands. For Instance the driving force server is simply somewhat viable that runs each of the drivers have this driver server that primarily listens on a port on your native machine after you run your tests and it’s looking ahead to these commands to return in.

WebDriver design, easier than chemical element RC because it controls the browser from the OS level. It interacts directly with the browser and uses the browser’s engine to regulate it. WebDriver is quicker because it interacts directly with the browser. Will take a look at iPhone/Android applications. WebDriver will support the headless execution. Advanced and a trifle giant API as compared to RC. Strictly object directed API.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


Prerequisite for learning Selenium. It’s good to have knowledge of basic Concepts of core Java but it is not mandatory. Trainers of Online IT Guru will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of those Concepts.

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