Tableau is American computer software and interactive data visualization product. Focus on Business Intelligence and specialized in visualization techniques. It explores and analyzes relational databases and data cubes, led research on the table-based. And display in browse multidimensional relational databases.

In Combined structured query language on databases for a descriptive language for render graph. Invented in database visualization language known as VizQL means Visualization Query Language. For core of Polaris system interface on exploring large multi-dimensional databases and product queries in relational databases. Cloud database, cubes, and spreadsheets that generate graph types, combined with dashboards and shared into computer network.

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Why should we use Tableau?

We need to know programming of any sort and some data on tableau that create reports in visually enhance, with drag and drop feature. You create stories easily or reports on small imagination. Those are possible due to revolutionary VizQL a visual query language.


VizQL is a visual query language to translate drag and drops actions in data query for express. Data visually and delivers dramatic increase gain in audience ability to watch and understand data. By abstract on underlying complexities in query and analysis represents advancement in the area of data analysis and visualization.

Advanced In Memory Technology-The Data Engine

Data analytic software mostly has huge features in almost of them to fail on operating with a large amount of data. In advanced memory technology of tableau need to provide report from increasing data.

Similarly Tableau data engine is a memory analytics database design to overcome limitations on existing databases and data silos. They run in ordinary systems. that complete memory hierarchy. It has disk from L1 cache shifts the curves between big data and fast analysis in power hands. Everyone need to know Ad-hoc analysis of massive data collects in seconds by fixed data model.

What is Evaluation of Tableau?

Speed: Strength of Tableau is greatest speed to analyze a millions of rows and provide the required information answers in seconds. Quality gets in fast business decisions .

Ease of use: For Instance Tableau strength is very simple to use basic drag and drop using Tableau. For instance With no prior program experience with basic Excel skills. One can simply learn Tableau.

Direct connection:

Therefore Tableau Permit users instantly connect to databases. Therefore Data warehouses and cubes. For example to explain Data access easy without the advanced setup and data will be getting updated on its own and pick tables on spreadsheets. Simultaneously For data no Hadoop to create perfect mash up to get perfect result has no time with simple ad hoc business analytics. Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the  Tableau.

Growing Market: In particular Tableau new business Intelligence market used for sharing market share in daily basis, from transportation to healthcare on all industries. As a result It is large client base consists of big companies like Deloitte, Noika, Microsoft, and PWC are use Tableau in daily basis to encounter on Business Intelligence requirements.

What is Future Scope of Tableau?

In other words One of the best data visualization tool that Tableau fastest growing BI tool in the market . Nowadays there a good amount of work that provided with cutting edges technologies for Tableau.

From the below graph we can observe Tableau salaries in India per annum:

Tableau Average Salaries per annum

Who is the right Audience to study Tableau?

Generally By learning Tableau is Easy of use and it has power. To do anything for ability to connect any data and merge. For Example It means blend data from multiple sources and allows faultless contribution on dashboards of a server.

Most Important One work on an Analytical part of data information. At the same time to get desired output and dashboard creation on certain information of data. Moreover You spend some time to learn for improving the appearance of graphs by the tools.

Recommended Audience

For Instance Tableau is not programming software require expensive programming language. To illustrate Programming ideas and skill immense interest to manage the data in right way.
• Developers
• Project Manger
• Data Analysts
• Non-BI professionals


In particular Basic Knowledge on data that required for the fundamental idea of managing the data and implementation in practical way. However No need much knowledge on software and programming Skills.

• Must contain initial idea regarding the use of Excel or the worksheets. Used to understand the entire design of Tableau.

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