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Today most of the people in the IT industry uses PEGA for the purpose of developing applications. This is because this tool makes the development of application easy in a short span of time. But the task of developers doesn’t end with this. Because it needs to undergo several testing before submitting to the client. As everybody knows today testing can be done in two way. i.e. it can be done through manual testing (or) can be done through automated testing. Moreover, over today most of the tester has a question of  Can we automate PEGA App using Selenium? The answer is yes. The pega testing using selenium uses a concept called PEGA PRPC(PEGA rules and process commander). Basically, its rule to design the pega applications. Using these rule pega applications were designed. And this article is dedicated to testers.

Can we automate PEGA App using Selenium?

Moreover, after the survey with many developers, I found the following:

I  tried to automate the testing with this tools. But  I couldn’t.

I find some errors during the automation? How do I fix this?

And Selenium is one of the best testing tools in the IT industry. Through this tool, we can perform both manual and automated testing. Ad there is definitely a time difference for the application run between manual and automated testing. This selenium online training provides the best features for testing the PEGA application. Since manual testing takes a long time to response, people prefer for the automated testing. Because a completion regression testing would take several days. So most of the people prefer to the automated testing. Hope through this article you will be getting the answer for Can we automate PEGA app using selenium.

So you people now may have a question

why people prefer automated testing?

The reason is simple. There is no guarantee for the result of manual testing. Moreover, as mentioned above, this a bit long time to get the test output. And it lacks in accuracy. So people prefer to automated testing. This is because it was more accurate when compared to the manual testing. And it takes less time and less number of iteration when compared to the automated testing. For automation framework, it is suggestable to go with a hybrid data-driven framework for a modular approach. This is because it works best for rule implementation, with a different set of data to all modules. Additionally with this automated testing has the following benefits :

  1. More productive time for developers
  2. The low number of defects
  3. Decreased maintenance cost

Today its Know fact that PEGA is a leading tool in the BPM industry. And the leaders here were offering the testing capabilities in the BPM space.  But the testing for the UI developers is a challenging task in these days.Can we automate PEGA App using Selenium

As explained above the PEGA process the testing using PRPC .it uses a rule set to design the pega applications. And the automation tester needs to create their own framework for rule implementation and uses unit testing  (or) functional approach for re usability purpose. Moreover, these rules can be implemented as a functional validation. And one more advantage of this approach is here we can add modules (or) component-based approach for the flow of the application.

In pega, we do have different debugging tools inbuilt to test the applications. And these tools were somewhat different from the tools that we have used in testing tools like selenium. Some of the pega automation testing tools were listed below



Rule Inspector / UI inspector

PLA (PEGA rules Log  Analyzer)

PAL (Performance Analyzer)

AUT (Automated Unit Testing )

So while doing the automation  of PEGA applications with selenium, we need to handle the following few challenges:

Control identification for web edits

Modules approach required

Rule-based implementation

So my reader, hope you got an answer to Can we automate PEGA App using Selenium? And enroll for the demo session of PEGA from OnlineITGuru through  PEGA Online Training.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

Project managers


Prerequisites :

It better to have the essential thing information of Html and XML lastly, should have the comprehension of the rationale to engineers and should have some learning of object-oriented programming dialects like Java or C++. Henceforth the class structure and legacy utilized as a part of the item.

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