I hope after seeing the LINQ in the title, you people have got confused. Moreover, over you also think like whether the title has written correctly or not? However, do not confuse with the title. Because it was written correctly. Today many people were using databases to store data. Usually, in these databases, developers usually a concept called Stored Procedures. They used this concept to reduce the concept of the writing the length of the code for a repeated number of times. But even they were using the repetitive code as per their need. They were still facing some issues. So we need a solution to solve this problem. The solution is provided by the LINQ. Do you what is meant by LINQ? Read the complete article to get How LINQ overcome the drawbacks of Stored procedure.

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How LINQ overcome the drawbacks of Stored Procedure:

Before going to know How LINQ overcome the drawbacks of the stored procedure, let me explain to you what is stored procedure?

A stored procedure is a set of SQL statement written to perform a specific task. These set of statements were stored under a specific name. The advantage of this stored procedure is SQL statements were written before. The developer called these written statements without writing the same code.

So now, let me explain you drawbacks of stored procedures:

Limited coding functionality:

Loops are the one of the major concept used in programming languages.

But these Stored procedures do not accept this looping concept.

Platform dependent:

Platform compatibility is one of the most important features in a programming language. The major idea of platform compatibility is to execute the code on all the platforms


Testing is one of the important phase used as an end phase of the code. This test is performed to avoid any run-time failures. But in stored procedures, this testing is done at run-time.


Cost is one of the important factors in choosing a database. These Stored procedures cost more when compared to other databases.

Now let me explain you about the LINQ


Before going to know what is meant by LINQ, let me explain you the need for LINQ

In olden days, people used to use several languages for an application. For that, they need to have command of those programming languages. So we need a language which can overcome the all the programming languages. LINQ provides the answer to this problem.

LINQ stands for the language-integrated query. It is a tool used to access the data from file formats. This different file includes the XML files, in-memory objects and many more.

This LINQ query language can be developed using C# (or) Visual Basic. It is good to prefer Visual Basic rather than C#. This installation of visual studio is done easily.

Architecture :

This architecture describes the workflow of the system

This architecture usually consists of three components

The top layer consists of languages extensions like C#, VB other etc. How LINQ overcome the drawbacks of Stored Procedure

The middle layer consists of .net enabled interfaces like LINQ to SQL, LINQ to entities and many more.

The bottom layer consists of several interfaces. Some of them were objects, XML files, Relational databases.


This beautiful architecture has several advantages over the stored procedures. Let me explain you each advantage elaborately.

1) LINQ offers Intellisense. Usually, this intellisense offers you to write queries easily and effectively.

2) Code length is short and simple. Moreover the execution time also short. Therefore, this mostly reduces the work of the developer.

3) Debugging also easy, due to the integration of C# by default

4) LINQ is extensible which means that it is possible to use LINQ for querying the data of the diverse type of resource

5) LINQ offers easy transformation of conversion of one data type to the other like XML data to SQL data.

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