Importance of APEX in Salesforce

We usually live in a world, where we have several programming languages around us. Each programming language has its own importance. We could not say exactly which programming languages meet all the requirement of the end user. These programming languages play a major role in both tool programming as well as cloud programming. No miracle if the programming language used in a tool.

Miracle (or) a importance of a programming language known when the programming language is used even in a cloud server. Today, in this IT world, we have several cloud providers like Salesforce which is used by most of the IT people today. This Salesforce cloud service uses a programming language called APEX. Do you confuse with the word APEX? How can it be a programming language as it stands for Height? But you read correctly as APEX  is a programming language. Today, in this article let me explain you the importance of APEX in Salesforce.

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Apex is a proprietary language developed by Basically, this APEX is a strongly typed objected oriented programming which allows developers to execute the flow and transaction control statements on SalesForce .com. Basically, this is APEX is a JAVA likewise syntax and acts like databases and databases and stored procedures. The major advantage of this language, it allows developers to perform some action button clicks, recorded updates etc. Moreover, this APEX is included in the Unlimited edition, Enterprise edition.


The architecture of APEX is shown below :

The APEX uses two kinds of actions namely Developer action and End-user action. Let us discuss each action briefly.

Developer action :

Here in this action, the developer writes and saves the APEX code to the cloud platform, this platform application server first compiles the code and then code it into a set of instructions. These instructions were understood by the compiler and then saves this data as a metadata.Importance of APEX in Salesforce

End User Action :

When the end user triggers the execution of APEX, by clicking a button (or) accessing a visual source page this APEX  platform retrieves the run-time data which was previously saved as a run-time metadata and sends through the run-time interpreter before generating the result.

You can develop this APEX code either in a sandbox (or) a developer edition of Salesforce. Basically, this sandbox is a copy of your organization, where you can write the code and test it without taking the risk of data modification (or) disturbing the normal functionality. It is a good way to develop the code in a sandbox and then deploy them into the production environment.

This APEX has great features when compared to other programming languages. Let us discuss each feature in detail

Integrated :

Integration of some operations makes the programming languages more user-friendly. This PEX provides built-in support for DML operations like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE. Moreover, It also supports SOSL and SOQL query handling, which returns a  set of Subjects records.

Easy to use :

The syntax used in APEX is easy and simple to use. The syntax used in APEX is just simple and it is very similar to JAVA.

Multitatent Environment :

For every environment, APEX runs in the multitenant environment. Moreover, its runtime engine defined to have guard against runaway code. Any code that violates the rule will result in the easy display of messages.

Easy testing :

Testing is the important phase in any programming languages. A programming language is said to be more flexible if it can perform multiple testing like unit testing, this unit testing indicates how much part of data was error free now and which parts of codes suites well for the programming languages.

Along with these above-mentioned queries, there are many other features which cannot be explained in a single blog.

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