Popular AngularJS frameworks
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The emergence of technology makes the thing simple and easier . in olden days, the website developer is a critical task. At that time, we can find only fewer people for website development. But the days were not alike  . This technology changes the complex things to causal things.  . Moreover, in  olden days, website creation was done by the high-end professional. But today, website creation was started from the schooling form itself.  This happens due to the advancement of various customizable templates. These customizable templates make the website creation simpler and easier. Today website design and app design became so common because of the popular frameworks like Angular JS.  Today in the IT industry, we do have several frameworks or website design.  So now we will discuss some popular Popular AngularJS frameworks.

How website and app design has become easy?

Today with the arrival of Angular Js, website and app design has become more popular. Today starters only one page for the website designing, AngularJs online training suits well for the small website and app development. Angular Js is basically advanced of JavaScript frameworks. People usually prefer Angular JS because of good Angular controls provided by the framework. Moreover, angular components make the template design effectively. Today developers can easily develop an application using mobile angular UI.

Now its time to straightly discuss the Popular AngularJS frameworks.

Popular Angular JS Frameworks :

This Angular Js has several Popular AngularJS frameworks. Now let us discuss some of them.

Angular UI bootstrap:

The angular UI bootstrap is developed on a top-notch front-end framework called bootstrap..This came into market in the  year 2012 It is basically a combination of native angular JS directives with CSS and HTML bootstrap components. Most of the people , suggested this framework for running this applications . This consists of a wide range of built-in elements. Developers can develop the customer required templates using the Bootstrap   CSS, Angular Torch, Angular Js and Angular animate etc. The best advantage of bootstrap angular JS frameworks is that there is no requirement of J query for this framework. Through this framework, we can develop both web and  app development applicationPopular AngularJS frameworks

Ionic Framework:

The ionic framework is a popular angularJs framework to build mobile based and mobile app development applications . This   came into market in the  year 2013. It is a special framework that is optimized along with Angular Js directives for supporting the development of HTML powered apps. This powerful ionic framework, makes the developer to create an app by just dragging and dropping components as per the project requirements.  Additionally, the Ionic framework offers an open source SDK ( Software development Kit) mainly for developing hybrid apps. Additionally, with this framework, you can also get access to the Command line interface (CLI).

Mobile Angular UI :

Likewise the Ionic Framework, this framework is also used for mobile-based and mobile app development applications. This  was came into market in the  year 2013.  Some people say it is an advanced version of the Angular bootstrap application, so, especially for developing advanced mobile applications. To design HTML 5 powered mobile apps most of the developers  suggest this framework . So, The syntax  is similar to bootstrap 3. For example sidebars, switches, scrollers, overlays etc.

 Angular Foundation :

This is one the popular frameworks of Angular JS . This  came into market in the  year 2014.  This contains modified foundation components to successful adopt the directives of  Angular Js along with HTML Custom elements. With the help of these added components, developers can effectively develop web apps using various HTML elements. Like angular UI bootstrap, it does not require any J query support.

Likewise, if we go on there would be many Popular Angular Js framework. And we cannot get the knowledge at a single instance. So it’s a best practice to learn these frameworks step through AngularJs online courseThis training provides you the elaborate training on all Popular AngularJS frameworks.

Recommended Audience:

Software Developers

Project Manager

Team Leads

UI designers


There is nothing much prerequisites required to pursue the Angular JS Course. It good to have a basic Knowledge of front-end programming languages like HTML, CSS.  But not mandatory. finally, trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics if you don’t have Knowledge on those topics

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