Popular AngularJS frameworks
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AngularJs is basically an advanced JavaScript framework. Developers usually prefer AngularJS because of the good Angular controls provided by the framework. Moreover, angular components make the template design effective. Today developers can easily develop an application using mobile angular UI and AngularJS frameworks.

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1.Popular AngularJS Frameworks:

a)Angular UI Bootstrap:

It developed on a front-end framework. This came into the market in the year 2012, basically a combination of native angular JS directives with CSS and HTML bootstrap components.

It Contains wide range of built-in elements. Developers can develop the customer required templates using the Bootstrap CSS, Angular Torch, Angular Js and Angular animate, etc.

The best advantage of bootstrap angular JS frameworks is that there is no requirement of Jquery for this framework. Through this framework, we can develop both web and app development applications.Popular AngularJS frameworks

b)Ionic Framework:

The ionic framework is a popular angularJs framework to build mobile-based and mobile app development applications. It came into the market in the year 2013. It is a special framework that is optimized along with AngularJs directives for supporting the development of HTML powered apps.

This powerful ionic framework, makes the developer create an app by just dragging and dropping components as per the project requirements.  Additionally, the Ionic framework offers an open-source SDK ( Software development Kit) mainly for developing hybrid apps. Additionally, with this framework, you can also get access to the Command-line interface (CLI).

2.Mobile Frameworks:

a)Mobile Angular UI :

This framework is also used for mobile-based and mobile app development applications. It came into the market in the year 2013.  Some developers say it is an advanced version of the Angular bootstrap application.

So, especially for developing advanced mobile applications. To design HTML 5 powered mobile apps most of the developers suggest this framework. So, the syntax is similar to bootstrap 3. For example sidebars, switches, scrollers, overlays, etc.

 b)Angular Foundation :

This is one of the popular frameworks of AngularJS. It came into the market in the year 2014. This contains modified foundation components to adopt the directives of  AngularJs along with HTML Custom elements.

With the help of these added components, developers can effectively develop web apps using various HTML elements. Like angular UI bootstrap, it does not require any Jquery support.

These are the best-known Facts about Popular AngularJS frameworks, in upcoming blogs, we will update more data on this Topic.

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