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Coming to our topic, if we take Excel, it is for storing all our data, and in technical terms, Tableau is a Business Intelligence Tool right!

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But how can we say Excel is related to, Tableau?

Yes, Excel is related to the tableau, by the way, means you and I already know that Excel is used by everyone in the world for spreading and Storing their Data.

By the way, the tableau is also extraordinary software tool, with the features like visual insights and drag and drop.

That’s fine if you want to spread your Excel data faster than ever before! Our tableau helps you and me which way means.

I would Query the Question and I can find a solution for Query on the Travel like on the metro, or on a chopper, or in a ship.

Where ever you go tableau reaches you in milliseconds and you can add your clients from anywhere on the globe.

In case of going with engaged report sheets or multi-dimensional tabs for every Query. Tableau user Interface graphics are friendly and we can share them through so many social mediums by organizing your Enterprise to win solutions.

workbooks/Online IT Guru

None other than anything, excel Documents are interlinked with a tableau.,For solving the analysis fruitful.

The main motto of the tableau is to show Excel’s  data in a better visualization way that everybody can understand.

Excel Sheets/Online IT Guru

Ok, until now you and I Discussed, how an excel sheet’s data can be viewed in a simple way right!

But now we will both go, further into the topic that is how our Tableau can be connected, to Excel, Interesting right, I also know it.

Excel Tableau /Online IT Guru

It is simple, tableau can make a connection with, Excel documents data and setup data source.

Tableau can connect to.XLS and.XLSX files.

If you want to make a connection with the .csv file, you can use the feature called Text File Connector.

Connect a data/Online IT Guru

So friend, when you open tableau, you can see connect button, in that click on Excel option.

Under that, select the option called Excel workbook, which you wanted to interlink, then you can go for option Dialog box. Then click on the open down-drop menu button.

Excel Worksheet/Online IT Guru

Then you can go for connection open with a legacy where the data source page forms.

So my friend are you following, ok on to the next data source page. Go with the following.

Firstly you should select by source name of data by default on the page at the top. And after that provide a trusted data source file name for make use in the tableau.

So if my excel sheet contains an only single table, you should click on the sheet tab. For getting started with your analysis.

excel/Online IT Guru

You can also make use of custom SQL to make a connection with a meaningful query without going to the entire data source. It would be different way again. We both discuss in next blog.

And my Techie, you and I can create excel list in the similar way that you can connect with excel worksheet document.

You can organize, the range of name in excel by optioning cells from different ranges. By that, we can go fo select Define name by the Tab called Formulas.

The same process can be followed, to named ranges and you can draw Excel Table in Excel by optioning cells which are arranged in a Range by selecting the button  Insert>Table.

Soon if you are connected to Excel table of a range in Tableau, a nice Icon appear. Next stage of the sheet for the data source pages.

Sheets/Online IT Guru

And if you want to see an example of the data source. The below diagram will show you that my friend.

So these are the ways by which we can connect Tableau to Excel.

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To be with Tableau and its utilities, you must have knowledge of Computer scripting languages. Knowledge of Data Analysis will add Advantage.

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