DevOps is a term used generously by various IT professionals in their conversations. It is amalgamation of two different phases of a software’s development, Development and Operations.

The idea of implementing DevOps started with the wish to achieve the following goals:

  • To improve the speed of development of the software to meet the market and customer demand efficiently.
  • To maintain quality of the software while cutting down the time taken to develop and deploy the said software successfully.Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the Devops Online Training.

With the introduction and implementation of DevOps into the sphere of Software and Technology, the collaboration of software developers and IT professionals during the process of software delivery has increased. With this practice, building, testing and releasing a software to the market or the customer can happen in a very short span of time.

As DevOps is more of a cultural change, there isn’t any tool, generally a toolchain is required that would make this process easier. The popular ones are Docker, Jenkins, Vagrant and Puppet. These tools deal with various aspect of development of the software such as:

  • Code
  • Build
  • Test
  • Package
  • Release
  • Configure
  • Monitor

While undergoing DevOps Online Course, students will learn to use the earlier mentioned tool chains to implement the above phases of development.

With Online IT Guru’s DevOps Online Course, students would end up learning everything about the nature of working of this concept in real time.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:

  • DevOps– History, definitions and objectives
  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • DevOps and SDLC
  • IaaS, PaaS Overview
  • DevOps on Cloud
  • Prerequisites for DevOps
  • Tools
  • Testing and Integration
  • Release and deployment
  • Application Monitoring
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • DevOps Adoption
  • Over view of each of the popular tools
  • DevOps: Source Code management
  • Git Repository
  • DevOps: Monitoring
  • General Environment Setup steps in AWS and NTTA

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