This blog explains What Does Salesforce Do? Really I was surprised. Because still, a number of people don’t know what Salesforce is. In this fast growing world, there are several software technologies. Every technology has their own benefits, from their perspective. Nowadays every technology is important. Large companies have a lot of data for that, they need security and cost reduction. To fulfill those reasons, Cloud Computing came onto market. Yes, Cloud computing provide security to the data and reduces the cost. Now, Cloud Computing is the top place in the market. Almost all application can run based on the Cloud Computing. In future, all application will run based on Cloud Computing only. Because all enterprise will choose this one due to its security and memory.

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A year back somewhere in 1999, Benioff and Parker decide to write CRM. Now, Salesforce is the first company that offers CRM services. In Salesforce, no need download because it is a Cloud computing technology. To run efficiently, we don’t need a hardware device. By using Salesforce we run can apps very efficiently compare to the previous process. Large enterprise is going through the Salesforce. Compare to those CRM, Salesforce CRM has tremendous capabilities and really quite impressive. It is a market leader for a long time and still tops 10 in all CRMs.

What Does Salesforce Do?

It is a top-notch CRM application built on platform. Salesforce interacts with all customers needs of the organization. It manages all customers relationship, by focusing on marketing, supporting, and sales. It is not the first company to build and delivers the web applications that were distributed over the internet. Now, it is the fourth largest company in the world. If any organizations want to manage their customer relationship they will go through the Salesforce. Because, without losing the time, and wasting money on the software or hardware devices. It is a good marketplace to buy applications and sell the applications from App Exchange and it can deliver the applications in a very short time.

What Does Salesforce Do-

It offers a variety of products(PaaS) and services(SaaS). Salesforce is not just a cloud, disruptive in nature and so many things are happening. By using Salesforce, we can track customer data very easily and it helps to maintain data with high security. It is lead in Cloud computing, which can store data like Mobile No, Mail ID, Name, etc.

Common Salesforce Uses and Activities

Campaign Tracking: Salesforce supports tracking marketing campaigns. It helps to track the leads, where they are coming from, and how operations are performing. The common uses of this tracking are from events such as webinars or conferences.

Capturing Leads: Without any manual entry, new leads will automatically flow directly into Salesforce. Leads coming from website chat, submissions, text messages, and events.

Assigning Leads: Salesforce set up a robust assignment so that, new leads add automatically. Based on what logic we decide, they will add automatically.

Managing Contacts & Accounts: In Salesforce all users have some amount of place to store data, like contacts and accounts of customers, partners, vendors, etc. We have an advantage with Salesforce is it provides Gmail app/Outlook we can sync your contact with Gmail or Outlook. We can sync contact with a tablet or smartphone through Salesforce mobile app.

Customer Support: It comes with a feature like “Cases” that enables to track and resolve the customer’s requests.

Reporting: Suppose, we will work in a Salesforce, day in and day out, the company will generate a lot of useful data. It comes with a wonderful user-friendly reporting tool.

Custom Apps: In Salesforce, build custom apps are one of the most useful features. It helps whenever we can’t handle the requirement for a client with Salesforce out of the box. Hope it Helps. Finally, through this blog, I explain What Does Salesforce Do? If anybody wants to learn, Click on the below link.

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