What is new in Pega 8.1
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Pega 8.1 unites the Professional Developers, Data Scientists IT, Professional Developers with only one Studio. With this, we can communicate with all the Pega platforms, spaces, applications. With this in one place, you can handle all your Data integrations, with no scripting. Design the final Process of automation by integrating them with critical mainframes apps, with the help of Robotics. Bots that can also understand and read emails with images. They get faster growths with best-automated testing capabilities and DevOps. 

what is new in pega 8.1? | OnlineITGuru

Now we will discuss, what are the best features, that we have in Pega 8.1

1.Pega 8.1 Less Code for Everyone:

The New roles are depended upon return systems, known as Studios.

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a)App studio:

Generally, the app studio offer core features for application development. Like user experience, data management, and case design. Consequently, this typical user contains developers like data engineers, Front-end Developers, and Business analysts. Consequently, You can implement App studio to run your applications faster.

b)Dev Studio:

We can use the Dev studio completely to Design your application development. Typically users who are known as database administrators, Full-stack developers, and security administrators. In particular, You can use Dev Studio for customizing your applications and designing reusable components for configuring the app studio.

c)Admin Studio:

This work-space offer Run-time information and they configure options to start, and you to check your product system.

d)Prediction Studio:

The Work-space offers features for Data scientists, to design machine-learning samples for test analytics.

2. Integration is made as simple as you can:

The latest addition for data modeling in App studio. The Integration Designer will offer a single location for watching all the business objects, data types, and external systems in an application. The small and simple drag and drop option will allow you to simply design and modify Data Objects.

a)Testing Made Simple:

Automated testing in Pega tool, contain model-based Scenario testing, for an easy and simple design for point-to-point UI scenario tests. In addition, the best app quality dashboard will report the main test coverage metrics and the quality of the app over time.

b)Open API:

For example, If you want to make use of preferred front-end UI framework, like Angular or React. Get the digital experience API to get Pega Systems Design terms like REST- started service to update your front-end UI framework of choice.

c)Designs as genuine as your Business:

The latest UX design system will help developers and designers to design dynamic layouts. Moreover the Pre-built components and UI templates for mobile and web development. In the same way, this will allow the best designs.

d)Combining Your Enterprise with a better way:

In particular, With the help of Spaces anyone from marketing, sales, IT can communicate more closely with the best social Interface. Users Design topic centric space like sales opportunity, this will show output private or public page within a page app. Where the people will have a combined area to chat and update digital wealth assets. In the same fashion, this includes cases, weblinks, and digital properties.

3.Pega cloud:

Specifically Self-Service is a common request from the users, who want to access accurately and quickly, the health terms of their Apps that running in Pega pdn. For example, make a wide variety of self-driving tools, to meet the user needs. To explain Most important is that cloud services add the best self-service portal to My support Portal. Therefore For getting access to that cloud service user to refer My page Cloud tab in my support portal.

4. File Transfer secures with Pega Cloud SFTP:

As an illustration For your Pega cloud apps, it is offering this service in its 8.1 version. In the same fashion, this security model will support only single user access proof with public and private key pair. Simultaneously, When users are on board, it uses a user-supplied public key to make Proof.

5. New Automation Process is available for Upgrading CRM solution:

The users who are running 7.4 CRM solutions, can utilize the advantage of the latest features and apps in this Platform. Therefore By utilizing the latest software upgrade process. At the same time, this upgrade will decrease the post-upgrade steps and downtime.  By that, you can concentrate on using the advantage of updated features and capabilities in 8.1 software releases.

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