angularjs vs angular
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Before dive into the comparison of angularjs vs angular we must learn what is angular and angularjs also.


Generally, Angular is one of the Popular JavaScript Frameworks that developers use to design dynamic websites.

Angular JS

It is an Open Source software Engineering Framework that utilized for designing one-page Web applications. The Developers utilize this to Design the animated Menus for the HTML Web pages.

This Framework founded by Brainchild of Google Engineers Adam Abrons and Misko hevery. Not to mention Google Officially started the first Version of JS in the year 2012.

Now we will see the Difference between Angular and JS

Angularjs vs angular

Angular Not offer controllers, it offer hierarchy depended architecture by guiding the Hierarchy of components with many Directive with guidance of templates.

Where JS utilizes, the concept of Controllers and Scope, Developers can add many variables that which have scope in view as a controller. JS offer best feature known as Root Scope. The variables that add in root scope were available with total application.

Angular Works with blanket term that used for Angular 2.  In addition, Angular 4 and other Versions were emerged with JS. Where angular 2 and 4 is a totally an open source. Which has some extra features known as Compatibility with Angular 2. It also Support ES6 benefits like Reflection Iterators or lambda operators with Typescript Depended Framework.


Angular 4 is the fastest version.

JS decreased the Development effort and time due for its feature by Two way binding.



Handling is less in comparison with Angular latest Version.


It is good to Design, simple, easier for designing and maintaining big applications.

Dependency Injection


Especially, It uses many Dependency Injection System with Single Directional tree dependent change Detection.


It do not use Dependency injection.

Mobile Support

  • JS is not mobile Support.
  • Angular application is mobile Supportive.
Expression Syntax

JS known is an Binding of an Image/property, developer have to remember the Directive.

Angular Uses, “()” for the event binding and “[]” for property Binding.


JS is written in JavaScript.

Consequently Angular written in MS type programming Language. For Instance it is a Super set of ECMAScript 6, that is ES6.


JS, guides model view controller Design. Similarly, the View process, the information available in Sample for producing the Output.

Angular, utilizes the components and directives. The components were known as Directives with a template with IT training.

Main Differences

JS becomes slower for showing big amount of Data.

In the same way, Angular 4, is very efficiently utilized for application with one page and enlarged user Interface. It also offer the view Engine with upgraded performance that guides very less amount of AOT mode. It comes with Modularised animation Package. The tests in angular 4 is very easier for programming in comparison with other type of versions with Angular Jquery.

A complete typescript used for designing big and critical applications. Hash(#), is used for Defining local set of variables. It is very less efficient for designing small applications. For instance, It is difficult for setting up JS. Where Angular 2 utilizes simple and Easy routing mechanism. In the same fashion, It support Multi programming languages that include Dart, Typescript, ES5 and ES6 with programming IT courses.

Specifically, It offer a better way of Dependent Injection and they program Modularity. In the same way, this Typescript feature in angular 2 accept code optimization, with the guidance of Object-oriented programming concepts.

On Ending the JavaScript in JS, the fundamental page only shown. angularJS applications executed on each platforms that contain iOS and the Android dependent tablets and mobiles. By utilizing HTML just like a Declarative language, it designs angularJS. Just like an framework.

Simultaneously, JS offer total rapid fronted Development  solution, that is without any utilization of external Plugin or any framework.

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In fact, It supports Big MVC Data Binding that guides in easy and faster application Development.

However, Angular is very lightweight, that guides. In particular major browsers. Furthermore, It used for developing the testable JavaScript code.

Finally, JS is a open source, JavaScript framework, Especially that used freely. To enumerate,  Immediately It shared by everyone for updating web applications.

As a matter of fact, It Denotes version 2, and it has higher versions that utilizes Type program. Simultaneously, JS denotes version 1.X, that is where JS stands for JavaScript. For instance, JS Denotes version angular 1.X, where JS stands for JavaScript.

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