AWS Instances Types
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AWS EC2 offers a Wide Range of Instance types. That optimized to fit many use cases. AWS Instance types compromise many combinations of networking capacities, storage, CPU, memory. To give you flexibility and select an exact mix of resource type applications. Every Instance includes many instance sizes, this allows you to scale your resources for the need of your target Workload.

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AWS Instance types

General Purpose


Generally this instance offer, savings it suited to scale out, arm-depended workloads that guided by extensive Arm ecosystem. The A1 Example is just like first Ec2 Instances, initiated by AWS status Graviton processors. As a matter of fact, it Updated with 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores and silicon.


A1 powered by Nitro system, it is a combined system dedicated to lightweight hypervisor and hardware. Inbuilt it has EBS-optimized, enhanced networking up to 10 Gbps, of bandwidth.


These are known for burstable performance instances that offer a baseline level of CPU performance. That deals with the baseline. Baseline performance and ability to burst were governed by CPU credits. The T2 samples receive CPU credits, that continuously depending on proof size.


M4 offers a balance of computing, network resources, and storage. It is a good choice for so many applications.


Especially it advances with 2.3 GHZ Intel Xeon E5-2686 v4 processor.



These samples optimized for computing Intensive Workloads, similarly offer high performance at a very low cost.


3.0 GHz Intel Xeon platinum Processors, with Intel updated vector Extension 512.

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In this example, it has high-performance computing applications, which take advantage of the improved network. C5n example offers up to 100 Gbps network bandwidth. 


Equally, C4 optimized for computing-intensive workloads.



R5 produces samples of up to 5 %, extra memory used for Vcpu, which is more than R4. The Biggest size offers 768 GiB of total memory.


R4 optimized with storage-intensive applications. They offer the best price for GiB of RAM than the R3.


Especially X1e samples advance high-performance database. In-memory Databases and other Intensive applications.

High Memory

High Memory examples designed to run big applications in depot databases. To enumerate this includes production movements of SAP HANA in the cloud.


As an illustration Amazon Ec2 Z1d options provide high computing capacities. With high memory footprints, in the same manner, they have high-frequency z1d examples that deliver Sustainable core frequencies.

Accelerated Computing


Generally, P3 is the largest generation in general-purpose GPU Examples. Therefore it Implemented with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU.


Specifically, P2 Intended to general-purpose GPU computing applications. Consequently, it has Intel Xeon High-frequency E5-2686 v4.


G3 is used for Graphics with intensive applications.


As an illustration, F1 provides optimized hardware acceleration with FPGA. For instance Use cases were Genomics research, in other words, video processing, big data search, and security.

Storage Optimized


To enumerate I3 provides, non-volatile storage express, really SSD backed example storage. Moreover, It is advanced for very low latency.


In fact, D2 offers 48 TB of HDD depended on Local Storage. At any rate, It delivers updated disk throughput. In addition, It offers a lower price per disk operation on EC2.


H1 provides 16 TB of HDD local depot, in the same fashion, it delivers high disk performance. Furthermore, It balances between depot and computing.

Ec2 AWS Pricing

Accordingly, AWS provides you a Dashboard, however, that it shows what are all the free tier options and paid options. In the meantime, You pay for what you use with the AWS cost calculator.

Scheduling for Retirement

Finally, Ec2 scheduled with retirement, simultaneously when AWS console traces non-failure of hardware hosting Examples.

EC2 Reserved Instance

Most Important, We can compare this with On-demand pricing, which offers capacity reservations. Generally used for Availability Zone.

Instance Size and Storage

If you offer a temporary block-level depot for the sample, the storage is totally showed on block devices. 

I think I have shown the best about AWS Instance Types, these are the most Used and Implemented Instance types in AWS.

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