docker architecture
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Docker Architecture

Docker uses client-server architecture. It communicates with Docker daemon, which lifts, Run and Distributes your Docker Containers. Docker client and daemon run on the same system. Both exchange information by REST API. Over UNIX sockets. Our Blog Explain About Architecture of Docker. Will Help you get an overview of it.

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Now We will Go through the Explanation of Each Section.


It works for Docker API Requests. Manage Docker Objects like. Volumes, Containers, Networks. Specifically,  It Interacts.with some other Daemons. Accordingly for managing Docker Services.

Similarly, Every Swarm is a Docker Daemon. Will communicate in the background.


Generally, the client is the best way to interact with Docker. When you use certain Commands like Docker run. It Sends these commands to Docker.

Besides Docker command it uses. Docker API, it communicates with one or many Daemons.


Especially a Docker registry stores Docker images. Docker Hub is an open public Registry, anyone can use it. As in Default Docker is Configured to look into Images.

You have an option to Run. Your Own Private Registry. If you use Docker Data Center. On the other hand. It includes Docker Trusted Registry.

If you use Docker Pull or Docker Run commands. The Required Images were Pulled from your Configured Registry. Or If you use Docker Push command. Your Image is Pushed to your Configured Registry.

Docker Objects

Especially When you use Docker. You make and use Images, holders, systems, volumes, modules, and other objects. It is a short outline. For some of those objects.


Generally, Image a read-only template with instructions for making a Docker container. Often, an Image depends on another Image. In the same fashion. With some extra customization.

For instance, you may fabricate an Image which depends on the Image. However, introduces the Apache web server and your application. Additional configuration to influence your application to run.

You can Design Images or, You can use only those designed by your Friends. In addition, that was published in a Registry. To build your Own Image, you Design a Docker file.

With a simple Syntax. For Defining Steps Required, to design Image and Run. Every Instruction. In Docker file Design a layer in Image.


A Container is Defined as a Run able, Example of an Image. You can Move, Delete, Move, Stop, Start a container. By using Docker CLI or API. We Can connect a Container, with many other Networks.

An instance of command is the Docker run command.

Above command Runs on Ubuntu container. Subsequently, it connects interactively. To your local command-line session. In the same fashion. It operates /bin/bash


Generally With Services. Everyone scale containers on many Docker Daemons. At the same time. Which works Together like a Swarm. while it may be true. with multiple Workers and Managers.

Similarly, Every member of a Swarm is a Docker Daemon.  In the same way. All Daemons will communicate. At the same time.In the background.

Underlying Technology

Docker was made by GO. Which take Profit of Features. like the Linux Kernel.

Name Spaces

Especially Docker uses Technology. known as Name Space. For Offering Single Work-space. Known as a Container. With this in mind. When you run a container. Especially, it Designs a Set of Namespace. At the same time. For Container in short.

Control Groups

As a Matter of fact. Docker Engine on Linux Relies. Another technology. known as Control Groups. In the same way.  A Group limits an Application.

While it may be true. In Future, Docker uses formats. like BSD, Jails and Solaris Zones.

Union File Systems

Consequently, Union File Systems, mean Union FS. These are the file systems. That operates by Designing Layers. Certainly, Make them Low Weight.

Docker uses Union FS. For offering Building Blocks, for containers. With this purpose in mind. It, use Multiple union Variants. As a Matter of Fact. It contains AU FS, bt RFS. Surely a Device Mapper.

Container Format

To Enumerate Docker Engine. It Combines namespaces, control groups. And Union FS into a wrapper. It is known as Container Format. The default container is lib container.

I think you got an overview of Docker Architecture. These are the best, Known Facts about Docker Architecture If you are interested. you can see. Docker Interview Questions.

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