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Python Libraries offer So many Features that shown by Long Table Contents. The library has Inbuilt Modules, that offer access to Every System functionality. Like Input and Output, which is Inaccessible for Programmers.

As well as it contains modules that written in its own language suggested. As Standard Solutions for so many Issues. What Happens in Everyday Programming of Python.

In that, Some modules Designed for Encouraging Portability of Programs. By getting away every certain Platform into certain platform-neutral APIs.Python Libraries and Installers for Windows Dashboard, that usually contain a total standard library.

Every time includes so many Additional Elements. For some systems like UNIX, In addition, it normally offered as a collection of packages. It may need to utilize packaging Tools.

Specifically with Operating System for getting some of the Optional Elements.

Top Python Libraries

  • Pandas
  • Theano
  • Scipy
  • Eli5
  • Light GBM
  • Pytorch
  • Keras
  • TensorFlow

What is Pandas?

Python pandas is an Open Source Library used to Perform Report Manipulation. It design based on Numpy, shows it need Numpy for operation. To Enumerate, It proposes an easy way to wrangle, design and manipulate stats.

Uses of Pandas

Generally, Every Data scientist uses Pandas.

It Runs on Data Frame for Multi-dimensional Report Structure.

How to Install Pandas

Anaconda: conda install -c anaconda pandas

In Jupiter Notebook :

import sys

!conda install --yes --prefix {sys.prefix} pandas

What is Theano?

Theano is a Programming Library used for Defining, Evaluating, Optimizing Mathematical Expressions. Similarly, it involves with multi-dimensional Arrays very efficiently.


On Top Tough Integration with Numpy, they use Numpy.ndarray in Theano-compiled Functions.

Generally, it uses Transparent GPU for Performing Data with more Intensive Computations with more Faster than other CPU.

Stability and Speed Optimizations.

It generates Dynamic C Code Generations for Evaluating Expressions more and faster.

What is SciPy?

Scipy is a core package, that creates core packages, for designing SciPy Stack. As a matter of fact, It offers many Numerical and Routines like Statistics, Linear Algebra, Optimization, Interpolation, Numerical Integration.


It Developed by Numpy, its array utilizes Numpy.

In Particular, Every Sub module is well designed and documented.


Especially, It used for calculating Mathematical Functions.

Uses Data Structure with Modules used in Scientific Python Programming and Designing.

What is Eli 5?

Eli 5 is a Package of Python Machine Learning, utilized in Debugging ML Classifiers for Explaining Predictions.

How to Install

Pip Install eli5

Or by Using

Conda Install –c Conda-forge Eli5.

Uses of Eli5

It plays the main role in implementing latest Dependencies with Other Package.

Consequently, It understands text-processing utilities with the help of Scikit-learn and more text Reports.

What is Light GBM?

Light GBM is a high-Performance Python framework, based on tree Algorithm. Most Important,  it is used for high Ranking classification and ML Tasks.

It was based on Decision tree Algorithms in detail, in the same way. It spread into leaf Wise boosting algorithms.


It is highly scalable and utilized for gradient Boosting.

Very popular and used by machine Learning Developers.


it is Very Fast and Make sure high Productivity and Efficiency.

At the same time, it is a User-friendly Framework.

What is Pytorch?

Pytorch is Deep learning with Python Library, the Operation flow is very close and in the same way. It is similar to Scientific Computing library and Especially with Numpy.


It is mainly used in Applications of Natural Language Processing.

It uses Tensor flow in Multiple ways, Usually in the background by getting attention in the latest Tricks and Techniques.

What is Keras?

Keras is a high-Level Neural Networks API, that was written in its own language and it is capable of operating on the highest point of Tensor flow. Especially, It was developed for concentrating on Fast Experiment.

Features of Keras

It mainly runs on the GPU and CPU.

It supports every Model of a Neural Network, in the same fashion it Fully Connected with recurrent embedding.


As a Matter of Fact, Keras work with Deep Learning.

However, It suggests Pre-processed Networks for Netflix, Uber, Zocdoc and many more.

It offers well Maintained and Managed data Sets and in other words Pre-processed Data Sets.

What is TensorFlow?

Generally, TensorFlow is a Point to Point-Open Source Platform for Machine Learning. In Addition, It has flexible Ecosystem of libraries and Tools with Community and Tools. As an illustration,  this will let Researchers to Push them. Finally, to a state of art in ML and they can Design and Move ML Powered Applications.


It used in Some of Google Voice Search and Google Photos.

Accordingly, It has many applications, it can perform with C++ and C.

Therefore, these are the best-known facts about Python Libraries, in upcoming Blogs, I will update more information.

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