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These days Software Testing has become very important, as it helps in finding errors easily. There are some powerful software testing tools like Selenium, QTP, etc. Many people use QTP and Selenium automation test tools. In this blog, I will explain about QTP vs Selenium.

Firstly, let us see what are QTP and Selenium.

qtp vs selenium | OnlineITGuru

QTP vs Selenium:

 Selenium Overview

Jason Huggins at ThoughtWorks in Chicago developed Selenium in 2004. Later, they made it as open-source and it became a powerful and popular web application automation tool.

Selenium is the most widely used testing tool, because of the strong language support system. It is an Open source tool. We use Selenium for testing web applications.

In Selenium, we can write test scripts, without any knowledge of the testing language. 3.141.159 is the new version of Selenium

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 QTP Overview

Like Selenium, QTP is also an automation tool. QTP stands for Quick Test Professional. Mercury Interactive developed this automation tool and was later taken by Hewlett Packard(HP).

QTP is also known as UTF (Unified Functional Testing). It is a single software package that has all there UFT, HP QTP, and HP Service test was sold to Microfocus.

We use QTP for functional testing of applications and identify defects, bugs, and any other errors. The new version of QTP is HP Unified Functional Testing.

Secondly, Let us see, what are the major differences between QTP and Selenium tools.

Comparison of QTP  Vs.Selenium
Programming Language:

Selenium supports PHP, .NET, Ruby, Perl, Java, Python and many other languages. We use simple user-friendly programming languages to write test scripts in Selenium.

Whereas, QTP only supports VBScript language. We have to write test scripts only in VBScript. VBScript is an active scripting language which is developed by Microsoft.

Integrated Developer Environment:

Test scripts in Selenium, are combined and executed in multiple IDEs like NetBeans, Eclipse, .Net, etc.

Whereas, QTP test cases can be done only in QTP-developed environments. Therefore, it does not work on any other IDEs except for this.


Selenium supports all the new Operating Systems like Linux, iOS, Solaris, OS X, android and windows. Whereas, QTP supports only the Windows operating system.


An active user community named Vibrant supports Selenium. It is similar to the discussion forums, but it does not have any dedicated customer support.

Whereas, QTP provides a separate customer support panel. From this, we can buy technical support for any problem.


In terms of popularity, Selenium is more popular than QTP as it is a free automation testing tool. The Developers and automation testers mostly use Selenium for testing.

Whereas, QTP is less popular, as it is a paid tool and it requires a license to use it.


Selenium tool has high flexibility. The test cases can run on various platforms like Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc. Selenium can test only web applications, but it cannot test mobile or desktop applications.

QTP is not very flexible, for executing the test cases in various platforms. QTP mainly supports testing in Windows and executes the test in that only. Using QTP, we can test mobile, web and desktop applications.

Area of Action:

Selenium supports web applications only. Whereas, QTP supports mobile, web applications and websites also.

Storage or Repository:

Selenium uses the web components in the user interface, for testing applications. So, it does not contain any in-built repository.

QTP contains integrated object storage. This storage is a common location for storing all objects. It is a set of all the objects and their properties.

Execution Efficiency:

Selenium can execute different, simultaneous tests on a single system. The execution of a QTP script requires more RAM, and also CPU power compared to Selenium. Whereas, QTP can test one application only on a single system.


Selenium is an open-source testing tool. So, users can directly use this tool without paying for any of the versions of this tool.

Whereas, QTP is a paid tool, as it requires a license to use it. It is very expensive and the client has to pay for using all the versions of the QTP tool.

These are the differences between QTP and Selenium. Therefore, we can say both QTP and Selenium have advantages and disadvantages. So, we can select any of these tools for testing, depending on our requirements.

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