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Today machine learning is everywhere, we use many algorithms, without even knowing it. 

1.Top Uses of Machine Learning:

a)Smart cars:

Tesla Smart Cars, as the latest features of the car, include, Autopilot and Tesla smart summon are Designed by machine learning.

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b)Online Research:

Google and Its Competitors, Improving their search features with ML. Every day, they execute search operations, on google and watch, how you respond to results.


When we see Amazon and Netflix, Intelligent machine learning. Analyses our activity and it compares it to many millions of users. For knowing what you like to Buy.


The more you think about, your users the better you can serve them, and more you will sell your products.

That is the foundation, which is behind marketing personalization. Not to mention you have experience in which, you visit an online store, at a product, but don’t buy it.

e)Health care:

ML algorithms process more Information, it processes human counterparts. One study, that used computer-assisted diagnosis.

f)Online Fraud Detection:

Machine Learning is offering the potential to make, cyberspace, like a secure place and tracking many monetary frauds online.

For Instance, PayPal is utilizing ML for protecting against money laundering.

g)Email Spam:

We have many spam filters, for approaching Email clients. These spam filters are continuously updated and powered by ML.

If we do Rule-based spam filtering, it fails to track the tricks adopted by spammers.

Many layers, perceptron, c 4.5 decision Tree Induction is some of the spam filter techniques, that offered by ML.

2.Social Media:

a)Social Media Services:

Personalizing News Feeds, for better ads targeting, social media platforms. By utilizing ML for their own user benefits. Here we have a few examples, that you notice, by using and loving in Social media Accounts.

Without recognizing, that these wonderful features are nothing but applications of ML.

b)Surveillance Videos:

Suppose a Single Person, checking multiple video cams. Certainly, it is a big, task to do. This is why the ides of teaching computers, to do this Job.

Video Surveillance systems, at present powered by AI, that make it possible for detecting crime before it happens. In the same way, they Track uncertain behavior of people like, not moving for a long time.


We have Seen, using GPS navigation services. While we do that, our velocities and locations are being saved at a central server for managing traffic.

This data is used to design a map of present traffic. While this guide in Preventing traffic and it does not analyze, the underlying problem. Machine learning is like scenarios that help to estimate the regions.

3.Personal Assistants:

As we know about Siri, Alexa, and Google, they are popular Instances of Virtual personal assistants.

The name suggests, that they assist in recognizing Information when asked over voice.

All you have to do is, initiate them and ask “what is my schedule for today”, “which is the latest song”.

a)Image Recognition:

It is the most used application in ML, we have many situations, where you classify the object like a Digital Image. For Digital Images, the measurements show outputs, of every pixel in Image.

b)Speech Recognition:

It is the Translation of Spoken words, into text. It is also known as “Automatic Speech Recognition”. “System Speech recognition”, “Speech to Text”.

4. Household ML Uses:


For analyzing Underground, minerals and recognizing Energy sources to stream oil distribution.


Based on Individual travel history, routes, machine learning. It guides transport companies, that predict potential problems on certain Routes.

ML advises its users to opt for different Routes. Similarly, transport delivery and firms are increasingly using machine learning technology, for carrying out data analysis and data modeling.

c)Sales and Marketing:

Companies use ML for analyzing purchase, history of their users and make personalized product recommendations for upcoming purchases. This capacity to capture, analyze and use user data to offer a personalized shopping experience is a complete future of sales and marketing.

d)Complete Financial Services:

Many Companies able to recognize, Insights in financial data. As well as prevent any occurrences of financial fraud.

Generally, With the guidance of machine Learning Technology. They recognize opportunities for Investing and trade.

These are the best Uses of machine learning, still, there is more to discuss, we will update in upcoming Blogs.

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