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Salesforce is the top vendor in providing various CRM Services to many people across the globe. Salesforce services were initially started in the year 1999. From then this platform has been offering multiple salesforce services to people in order to attract these people.  This platform has been increasing these services to build a strong relationship with the people. And this salesforce platform is in a process of adding new services as per the requirements of the users. Since this platform offers multiple services,  writing all those multiple services in a single article of the blog is not possible. Hence, today in this article, I’m going to explain to you the popular  Salesforce Services.

But prior to knowing all these services, one by one, let us initially  have a look once  at salesforce definition

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management(CRM) that helps the business to connect and get more information on the customer case. Its integrated CRM platform provides the insights of all the departments. These departments include sales, service, marketing, commerce, service. This platform allows the user to view several departments in a single view and also can also be shared with other departments in the organization. Moreover,  has different editions for a variety of users.  These include Group, professional,  enterprise, and performance. And these Salesforce versions were available to the users at different prices. And people can pick the version as per their requirement.

So let us now move into the actual topic,

Salesforce Services:

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a)Salesforce CRM

b)Salesforce Einstein Analytics

c)Salesforce Lightning

d)Salesforce CPQ

e)Salesforce Integration

f)Salesforce Multitenancy


Salesforce CRM:

This is a  Customer Relationship Management (CRM), this is responsible for storing the customer information. This information includes names, address as well as the phone numbers.  Besides, this platform also responsible for keeping track of customer activity. This activity includes the website visits, emails, phone calls and many more. In simple words, it is responsible for actively tracking and managing customer information.  Moreover, people can connect to this platform through any device.  And it is responsible for simplifying the repetitive task. Hene, with this tool, we can concentrate more on leads.  Besides delivering instant insights, this platform suggests recommendations. Moreover, we can extend and customize the platform w.r.t to the business. This CRM is built on different types of clouds. These cloud includes Sales, Services, Marketing, Custom as well as Analytics Cloud.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics:

Analytics plays a major role in analyzing business. This tool plays a major role in analyzing the past business and helps to take further actions to the business. Since Salesforce is a Cloud-based CRM, this tool helps in knowing the visitors to the applications. This Salesforce Einstein Analytics, allows you to explore the data quickly and easily. This provides the AI-powered Advanced Analytics in Salesforce. With this tool, you can manage your data sets and can query data using the Salesforce Analytics Query Language(SAQL).

Moreover,  it allows users to customize dashboards programmatically. Besides the default apps for Sales, Service as well as the marketing, this platform allows you to build your custom applications for analytics. And it utilizes the API and SDK to enhance the applications. Moreover, this tool also allows you to connect the external data to view all the data at a single place. Hence this tool allows the salesforce manager and leaders to manage and forecast the business pipeline. Moreover, this tool helps the service agents as well as the call centre managers to improve customer satisfaction,  agent efficiency as well as the channel optimization. Besides,  its discovery conducts thousands of statistical checks to confirm each trend is valid.  Moreover, this Salesforce service also offers some recommendations in different kind of situations. And this platform also helps the users in auto-generated slide presentations which contains some visualization points.

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Salesforce Lightning:

Salesforce Lightning is the lightning component framework. It is a significant upgrade from the Salesforce Classic view. In simple words, this lightning is a simple and reusable code component. This framework allows bringing modern application and functionality to the Salesforce application. And this framework allows developers to build exciting tools. Moreover, this salesforce service makes the application responsive to all kinds of devices.  These lightning components accelerate development and application performance. Moreover, this platform allows the developers to build custom applications that allow the users to develop the custom components. And the developers in this community utilize these building blocks to customize the communities.

Moreover, these salesforce services allow users to build lightning pages visually without using any code. It does this using the shelf and custom-built lightning components. Besides this platform support builder and empowers the admins to build the communities visually without any code. So a non- techie guy can also develop the applications in a short span of time. So with this salesforce service, you people can easily develop and customize the applications to the mobile application using the Salesforce platform. Technically speaking, this salesforce lightning is the family of technologies on the salesforce platform.  This includes

a)Lightning Experience -- A new UI to the salesforce

b)Lightning Design System --  A CSS framework and the component library for build lightning styled applications

c)Lightning Framework-- A JavaScript framework for creating single-page applications and lightning components.

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Salesforce CPQ:

In Salesforce CPQ, CPQ stands for Configure, price, Quote software. it is a salesforce tool, to provide the accurate pricing of the product for any product under the specific conditions. This salesforce service takes into the account of optional features, customization, quantities as well as the discounts.  Hence this salesforce service helps the sales representatives to respond to the quote prices, quickly and accurately.  This salesforce CPQ is easy to use and is compactable with all the devices.  Moreover, this tool also help the sales owners to take instant decisions

Salesforce Integration:

You may think of this feature as an add-on to Salesforce Lightning. This is because, as the name indicates, this Salesforce Integration is a salesforce service, that allows the integration of the salesforce individual reusable components.  This integration provides a single entry point for multiple applications. Moreover, in order to integrate the applications/ features, it does not require any programming skills. This integration helps the organizations to achieve a greater level of operation consistency, efficiency as well as quality. If we go deep into the Integration service these were internally classified into various types. They are Business logic integration. Data Integration and so on. Companies on the basis of the requirement, opt for the suitable integration type.

Salesforce Multitencacy:

Salesforce multitenancy refers to the software architecture in which a single instance of the software runs on a single server.  This server is responsible for serving multiple tenants. Usually, a tenant is the group of users who share a common access with specific privileges. And this multitenancy is the key factor of the salesforce architecture. This feature enables the salesforce platform to release major updates every year. Moreover, salesforce allows the customers with high availability of all its features. Besides, even though this salesforce contains numerous users, it protects the orgs data from all the customer orgs using the unique identifier that is associated with the session.  Hence when you log into your org, your subsequent orgs associated with the org are identified using this identifier.

Hence likewise, there are many exiciting salesforce offers services to the people. You people can get the knowledge of these powerful salesforce services from real-time experts with live examples at Salesforce online training.

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