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Power BI Desktop is a Free Desktop application and easy to install on your computer. By that, you can Visualize, connect and Transform your Data. With Power Bi Desktop, you can communicate with a different set of Data. Combine all data to get one date sample.

This will help you to design, visuals, collections, and visuals. By that, we can share many reports with other users. Inside your company. Many users who work with Business Intelligence Projects. Use the Services of Power Bi Desktop.

We can use this tool, For Designing Reports, and tool Services for sharing their Reports with others.

Common uses of Power BI Desktop

Sharing and Creating Report Pages.

Cleaning and Transforming Documents, for Designing Data model.

Connecting to every Useful Data In a Simple way.

Generally, People, who are dealing with this type of Works. Every Time considered as Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Professionals. In like fashion, many users do not think of themselves as analysts. Alternatively, as a Report Writer to use this software.

So, going with everybody, you can Design Complex and Critical Reports. That utilize information from many sources. That is all in one Report, by that you can share with other users in your company.

Connecting with Data

To get started, the initial step you have to do is to connect to Data itself. We have many Different Information Sources. For connecting into Data, you in the Power Bi dashboard, you have to select Home Ribbon and then select Get Data and many more.

That Appear, by showing so many categories to which Power Bi Desktop cannot be connected.

When you Select or point a dataType that you have promoted for information. That is like URL and Credentials for this software. To connect, Information source from Your Side.

If you connect to one or many Data Sources. You may have to change data. So, it is most useful for you.

Transforming and cleaning Data

In Power Bi Desktop, you can transform and clean data by using the Inbuilt Query Editor. That is you can design, changes to your total data. Similarly, like modifying data type and removing columns.

Combining Information from many sources. It is like some sort of sculpting. You can initiate a big block of clay that you can cut pieces off. That is until the shape of information is how you need it.

Each step, you take in changing data was recorded by Query Editor. Every time this Query connects to certain specific data source type. The Steps were finished by data, always designed in a specified way.

Design Visuals

Once, if you are aware of the Data model, you can Drag fields, that present in report canvas for designing Visuals. A Visual is a Graphic Representation of Information Sample.

Especially, We have many types of visuals to see in Power BI desktop. For Designer or modification of visual. It will select Icon from Visualizations pane. If you have a visual Selected on some of the Reported canvas.

The selected visual modification, to the section you selected. If no visual data is selected. Latest Visual is Designed Depending upon your Selection.

Sharing Reports

Once if the Report is easy and Ready to share, with others. Then you have the option, to publish your Report in Power Bi Service. As a matter of fact. You can make it available for anyone in your company. That who has a Power Bi Set of license.

For Publishing, a Desktop report. As a matter of fact. You have to click on the publish button. From Home Ribbon in Desktop.

After Selecting, the Publish button, power Bi Desktop communicates with Power Bi Service. Using your account of Power BI. Then it prompts the data, you can select Power Bi Service. You can share the Report. That is like your workspace. Or to other location in power Bi Service. Especially, You should have a Power Bi license for sharing Reports to Power Bi Service.

Sample Data

No need for thinking much, about sample Data. Microsoft has Already Created many samples for you. To use it and Feel them more and more Comfortable in this software.

Finally, data Represents a different set of Industries. Like Sales, HR, and Finance. And our online Documentation utilizes the same samples in many use cases.

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