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Angularjs interview questions

You are right place, If you are looking for AngularJS interview questions and answers, get more confidence to crack interview by reading this questions and answers we will update more and more latest questions for you…

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  1. Importance of AngularJS?

AngularJS is a very popular framework among developers. Small to large companies are using angularJS. If you’re going for an interview as a front end developers then get ready to answer angular JS questions. In this guide, I have collected and administrator the best angularJS interview questions. Go through these questions and you will increase your chances of success in interviews

  1. What is AngularJs?

AngularJS is a structural framework to design dynamic web apps. It is uses HTML as your Template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly. AngularJS data binding and dependency inoculation eliminate of the code you would or else have to write. And it all happens within the web browser, making it an ideal partner with any server technology.

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  1. What Are Advantages Of Using AngularJS Framework?

The key advantages of using AngularJS framework are:

  • It provides an excellent experience to the end user.
  • It frees the programmers from having to register call-backs manually or write repetitive low-level DOM manipulation tasks.
  • By Dividing DOM manipulation from app logic, it makes code modular and easy to test.
  • It supports two-way data binding.
  1. Explain what is scope in AngularJS?

Scope refers to the application model, it acts like Attached between the application controller and the view.  Scopes are arranged in a hierarchical structure and impersonate the DOM (Document Object Model) structure of the application. It can watch expressions and propagate events.

  1. Explain Architecture Of AngularJS?

AngularJS is architecture on 3 factors. They are

  • The Template (View)
  • The Scope (Model)
  • The Controller (Controller)

AngularJS Expand HTML attributes with Directives and binds data to HTML with Expressions.

  1. List some of the built-in validators in AngularJS?

 Angular is encourages all standard HTML5 attributes to validate input. Below are few built-in validators in Angularjs.




type=” number” OR type=” email”.
  1. What Is A Digest Cycle in AngularJS?

During every digest cycle, all new Feature model values are compared against the Earlier values. This is called dirty checking. If change is detected, watches set on the Trendy model are fired and another digest cycle executes. This goes on until all models are stable.

  1. Explain UI Routing in AngularJS?

It is a routing frameworks for AngularJS and furnishes a different approach than ngRoute. It changes the application views mainly based on the state of the application and not just the route URL

  1. How to Validate Data in AngularJS?

AngularJS Upgrade form filling and validation. We can use $dirty and $invalid flags to do the validations in a seamless way.  It is a Use no validate with a form declaration to disable any browser Particular validation.

  The following can be used to track error.

$dirty − states that value has been changed.

$invalid − states that the value entered is invalid.

$error − states the exact error.
  1. How to hide or show a div in AngularJS?

In order to hide/show the div in AngularJS Precise to get rid of display: none, the rest is in the control. If you want to hide it by default then set the value of scope. myvalue to false.

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  1. Explain validation feature in AngularJS?

 AngularJS has A few built-in validation around HTML5 input variables (text, number, URL, email, radio, checkbox) and some directives (required, pattern, minlength, maxlength, min, max).If you want to create your Individual validation, it is just as simple as creating a directive to perform your validation.

  1. What Is Scope Hierarchy In AngularJS?

Scopes are controllers exactly.  If we determine nested controllers then child controller will inherit the scope of its parent controller.

Var mainApp = angular. Module ("mainApp", []);

Controller("shape Controller", function($scope) {

$scope. Message = "In shape controller";

$scope. Type = "Shape";


Controller("circle Controller", function($scope) {

$scope. Message = "In circle controller";   

  1. What is the role of $route Provider in AngularJS?

 The $routeProvider is used to configure routes within an AngularJS application. In a Single Page Application (SPA) you want to operate to different pages without reloading the page. The “ngRoute” courses your application to various pages designed with $routeProvider without reloading the page.

  1. How do you share data between controllers in AngularJs?

 We can share Information by creating a service, Services are the Simple, fastest and cleanest way to share data between controllers in AngularJs

 To Share the Other Ways data between controllers, including:

Using Events

$parent, nextSibling, controllers

Using the $rootScope
  1. Explain what is string interpolation in Angularjs?

In Angularjs the compiler At the Time of compilation process matches the text and Characteristics using interpolate service to see if they contain embedded expressions.  As part of normal digest cycle, these expressions are Revise and registered as watches.

  1. What are different ways to create service in AngularJS?

   There are five types to create service in AngularJS.

  • Service
  • Factory
  • Provider
  • Value
  • Constant
  1. Explain call back in Node.js?

A call back function is also called at the completion of a given task. This allows other code to be run in the meantime and prevents any blocking. Being an asynchronous platform, Node.js heavily Trust on call back. All APIs of Node are written to Encourages callbacks.

  1. How to initialize AngularJS application data?

We can use to “ng-init” directive to do this. The example programming is below “ng-init” directive is used to initialize the “pi” value.

<body ng-app="userApp" ng-init="p=3.14">

The value of p is {{p}}

  1. List and explain different types of directive available in AngularJS?

The various types of directives available in AngularJS are:

Element directives − It is used to activate when a matching element is encountered.

Attribute − It is used to activates when a matching attribute is encountered.

CSS − It is used to activates when a matching CSS style is encountered.

Comment − It is used to activates when a matching comment is encountered.
  1. What IDE’s You Can Use AngularJs Development?
  • Visual studio(2013,2014,2015) To gather
  • Eclipse
  • Webstrom
  • Sublime text
  • Text Mate
  1. Does Angularjs has Dependency on J QUERY?

Angularjs has No Dependency on Jquery Library. But it Used Jquery Library

  1. Who created AngularJS?

Mainly it was developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. Currently it is being developed by Google.

  1. How AngularJS is different from Jquery?

AngularJS is a structure with key highlights like models, two-way authoritative, mandates, directing, reliance infusions, unit tests and so forth. The Jquery is a library utilized for DOM control with no two-way restricting highlights.

  1. How to do Animation in AngularJS?

To animate the application, you need to include the AngularJS Animate Library and then refer to the ngAnimate module into the application or add ngAnimate as a dependency in your application module

  1. Explain what is data binding in AngularJS?

Automatic synchronization of data between the model and view components is referred as data binding in AngularJS. There are two ways for data binding

  • Data mining in classical template systems
  • Data binding in angular template
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