1. Can we span VPC across multiple regions?

No, VPC is specific to the region

2. Can we attach more than one Internet Gateway to the VPC?

No, at a given point of time we can have only one Internet Gateway attached to VPC

3. How do you check an internet access is present for a subnet?

By checking the route table of the subnet, if there is a route to internet gateway, subnet has internet access otherwise not.

4. We have connectivity issue with EC2, where do we troubleshoot this issue?

Check security group rules, and make sure it is not blocking the connectivity

5. Difference between Public Ip and Elastic IP?

Public IP is dynamic, Elastic IP is static.

6. Difference between Public & Private Subnets

If a subnet is accessible from internet then it is Public subnet, if a subnet is not accessible from internet it is private subnet

7. We need internet access to the private subnet for some server maintenance how do you grant the internet access?

NAT Instance or NAT Gateway

8. Where we should put NAT instance/Gateway?

It must be in public subnet with Public/EIP

9. For a machine in public subnet we do not wanna grant internet, how?

Do not assign public/ elastic ip

10. What are differences between NACL and Security groups?

Find it from the document

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11. What is VPC peering?

VPC peering is to establish network connectivity between VPCs

12. What is user data in EC2?

User data is the option to execute an script at the time of launching EC2 instances.

13. Can we resize EC2 instance?

Yes, Select Instance → Actions → Instance Settings → Change Instance Type

Note: We must stop the instance before resizing.

14. As a root volume which volume types we can use?

As of today we can use

  1. General Purpose SSD (Solid State Disk)
  2. Provisioned IOPS SSD
  3. Magnetic
15. How to increase EBS IOPS beyond 65,000?

Configure RAID0

16. What is Instance store?

Is an temporary store, data is lost when we poweroff ec2 instance.

17. Can we load balance ec2 instance present across multiple regions using ELB?

No, ELB can load balance instances in same region

18. How do we load balance instances across multiple regions in AWS?

Using Route53.

19. What is connection draining in ELB?

If an instance is not healthy and before taking it out of service, ELB gives certain duration to the instance to complete its pending requests.


20. In auto scaling group, how to protect an instance from termination when scale-in activity is performed by ASG?

We can enable scale in protection on instances

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