Calculated fields Interview Questions and Answers-Workday

  1. Explain the functionality of Aggregate Related Instance Calculated Field?

 The Aggregate Related Instances calculated field lists all the instances associated with a field in a child object and eliminates any duplicate instances from the results. This field also enables you to apply a condition rule to filter the results based on criteria that you specify.

  1. Explain the functionality of Arithmetic Calculation Calculated Field?

The Arithmetic Calculation Calculated Field performs simple Arithmetic operations like addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division.

  1. Explain the functionality of Build Date Calculated Field?

The Build Date calculated field enables you to create a new date field by mixing and matching date (or date-time) components from other fields or from specified values.

  1. Explain the functionality of Concatenate Text Calculated Field?

The Concatenate Text function concatenates a series of text fields.

  1. Explain the functionality of Convert Currency Calculated Field?

The Convert Currency calculated field determines the equivalent value of a field in a different currency and can vary from instance to instance for the same field, depending on the functional area in which it is used. For example, you can record a one-time bonus amount in an employee’s local currency which, in a global environment, could vary from employee to employee. With the Convert Currency calculated field, you can specify the source currency field and target currency, converting the one-time bonus amount to a common currency.

  1. Explain the functionality of Convert Text to Number Calculated Field?

This calculated field enables you to convert a number that currently exists as a text field to a numeric data type. For example you can extract the year from a text field, giving you 2014. This is required to perform calculations on the year.

  1. Explain the functionality of Count Related Instance Calculated Field?

The Count Related Instances calculated field dynamically counts instances of a related business object based on a test condition defined for the related business object. For example, it can compute the span of control by counting the number of managers in an organization, or the cost-per-hire per location by counting the number of employees hired during the last year.

  1. Explain the functionality of Date Constant Calculated Field?

This function creates a date, date/time, or date/time/time zone constant for use in other calculations.

  1. Explain the functionality of Date Difference Calculated Field?

The Date Difference function computes the number of days, months, or years between two dates. The start date is subtracted from the end date.

  1. Explain the functionality of Evaluate Expression Calculated Field?

 This calculated field groups and transforms data by evaluating a series of Boolean test conditions. Workday online training bangalore applies the default value and then starts testing conditions starting with the first condition defined. Once it finds a condition that is true, Workday returns the corresponding value and does not test any subsequent conditions.

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