1. How many steps are involved in creation of an EIB?

Four Steps Define, Get Data, Transform Deliver

2. Can we create an EIB out of a matrix report?

No, because the reports need to be Web Service enabled for creating EIB and Matrix reports can’t be Web Service enabled.

3. What data sources can we choose while creating the EIB outbound & EIB Inbound?

“The main concept of EIB outbound is to export the data from workday

The main concept of EIB Inbound is to Import the data.

While creating the EIB Outbound: – Custom report, REST URL or Web Service data sources we use

While creating the EIB Inbound: – Attachment, External file and REST End point”

4. How to view Error messages for an EIB?

“Use this procedure to view error messages for EIB.

Steps: -Access the process monitor report and run the report with the following filters.

From date and time and To date and time: – select a date and time range during which

the integration Was run  .

Process type: – select Integration

Find the integration event in the list and note the Correlation ID for that Integration Event correlation Id column.

Select the event link in the Integration Event column.

Select Messages tab

This column displays icons for each message. Errors have a red icon and Warnings have a Yellow icon.

Select the message link in the Message column.

5. EIB Integration issues?


The EIB does not display in the integration prompt of the Launch/Schedule Integration task.

How to resolve: – Verify EIB security Configuration.Edit the EIB and resolve any critical errors.

b) Issue: –

Non-legible character appears in Microsoft Excel when you open a CSV output file.

How to resolve: – Before opening the CSV file in Excel, open the CSV in notepad ,select File>save as, then select     UTF-8 encoding.

c) Issue: –

File name does not include generated date and time variables when the sequence Generator is configured correctly.

How to Resolve: – When launching or scheduling the EIB, Use these settings with the file name launch parameter.

                                                       Value type: – Determine value at run time

                                                       Value: -Next sequence for integration File Utility.

d) Issue: –

Workday returns the following error message: Root Cause: BadRequestException: Error code: unknown Response: 500: Processing error occurred. No value provided for required [Prompt Name].

How to resolve: – Ensure that all required prompts are being populated when the EIB is launched. You may have to edit the scheduler if the EIB was launched from there.

e) Issue: –

Workday returns the following error: Transform failed at component: HandleTransform.request.0.XsltTransform. Reason: Output character not available in this encoding

How to resolve: – 1.Open the XSLT transformation file in a text editor.

Find the element <xsl: output>.

Within that element, search for the setting for encoding=.

Often this is set to ISO-8859-1 Change this value to UTF-8.

If the recipient of the EIB cannot accept UTF-8-encoded files, then you must change the source data in Workday.

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