ServiceNow Administration Questions and Answers
1. Difference between UI Policy and Data Policy?
2. SLA,OLA,CI are which Module having?   

Ans: SLM 

3. ACL applies where? 

Ans: Field and Table

4. what is update set?

Ans: An update set is a group of customization that can be moved from one instance to another.

5. Global search is on where?

Ans: On Banner

6. Filter calling as? 

Ans: Breadcum

7. User table? 
8. What does the application navigator?

Ans:  Provides links to all application menus and modules

9. What is difference between Save & Insert action on form?

Ans: Save: saves the record & stays on form; Insert: creates a new record & redirects to list view

10. Where are bread crumbs in SN?

Ans: It’s the filter views

11. The order field in service catalog displays the catalog item in the ascending order of this value.



12. A transform map is a set of field maps that determine the relationships between fields in an import set and fields in an export set



13. Filter are defined with following attributes in ServiceNow

Ans: Field name, operator and Values

14. DB name for custom table?

Ans: u_tble

15.Ci is





16. Choose correct statement:

a) Column is a field and a row is a record

b)Column is a record and a row is a field

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17. Which one on homepage will access knowledge?
18. What is RITM?

Ans: Request Item

19. If a split is added in a form, how many columns get created in the database?

Ans: 2

20. Parent Table of Inc,problem,Change?

Ans: Task table

21. What is import set?

Ans:  Import Sets is a powerful tool used to import data from various data sources, and then map that data into ServiceNow tables. The Import Sets table acts as a staging area for records imported from a data source.

22. What does the coalesce field do?

Ans: Coalescing on a field (or set of fields) means the field will be used as a unique key

23. How do you know which release version of ServiceNow you are working on?

Go to System Diagnostics > Stats and check the Build name

24. If workflow is not published, only checked out will it be captured in update sets?



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