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Today the Internet is the heart of the IT industry. Many people depend on the internet for all the services they require. Moreover, for every start-up a basic infrastructure is necessary. This infrastructure includes both the software as well as the hardware. Moreover, since they were starters, they cannot invest much for the infrastructure. so people depend on the cloud for all its services. Besides, the cloud allows the user to pay for their use rather than the whole. So with the less investment, these people can start the business. And today many vendors like Amazon Web Services. Azure offer cloud services to the people. Among those many vendors, today AWS is trending in the IT world. Besides companies were paying much to the people, who have knowledge in these services.

With the advent of AWS in 2004, the business found the opportunity to have a low variable cost instead of high infrastructure expenses upfront. Moreover, the business doesn’t have to plan for the IT infrastructure such as servers in advance. Besides, this Amazon Web Services can deliver the results quickly by quickly accessing thousands of servers virtually with a few minutes through the cloud. This tutorial explains the deployment of all these servers practically. through the illustration of Amazon Web Services working and website running through AWS.

What is the salary package for the AWS freshers?

As mentioned above, companies were paying the good amount even for the AWS freshers too. According to the recent statistics, the average salary of AWS employee varies from 1107 K INR to 1198 K INR.

Recommended Audience:

This AWS tutorial is recommended for both freshers as well as the IT professionals. Moreover, this tutorial covers the entire concepts of Amazon Web Services and makes you clear the AWS certification.


There nothing many mandatory prerequisites required to enroll in this course. But the learners can easily grab the subject if the candidate has the knowledge on Cloud computing


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