Online IT Guru provides privacy policy to run organization involve to privacy. By delivering each and every report managed information from

The policy of Online IT Guru is once your registration expects completed successfully so we never refund or cancel the course. But we will not refund money and can change the course. After the completion of registration soon the classes will be started based on timings.

Policy has unique right to make a modification to this Privacy Policy at any time and will keep informed any such modification on this website.

Commitment to Privacy will handle to protect your online privacy. Before making privacy we present this information because determining all information and allow the options to recollect information performed with this information secure to locate, we can also make it accessible on our homepage at each and every time whenever a person needs in special information that may be requested.

Privacy Information

We utilize individual information because for the following purpose:

• To provide services that when we interact with you about your use of our services and to fill your commitments.

• To implementing customer services we need to take personal information from yourself for further inquiries.

• We provide the information will be public or private and it must not be sold and substituted without any approval of the company.

• We offer more information for the registered candidates and they can access through our website

• After registration to our website candidates will receive each and every information through mail and call from

• Whenever you submit your resume, we use and uncover the information whatever you have been submitted for employment consideration only.

• Online IT Guru content contains privacy policy and it protects on every legal issue.


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