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All about Selenium`

Selenium is an open source software framework used for testing web applications. Selenium allows users to write tests without the need of having a strong grip over the widely used scripting languages. This can be achieved with the record/playback tool.

With Selenium, users can get to use Selenese – a domain specific language to write tests. These test can in written in other major scripting languages too. They can run of most of the popular web browsers that are deployed on the operating systems like Windows, Linux and OS X.

Components of Selenium

  • Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Selenium Client API
  • Selenium Remote Control
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Selenium Grid

(Note: You would learn more about these components if you would scroll down.)

Why Selenium?

Selenium is a widely used framework in the industry by the testers of major Software Giants. The above mentioned components help the testers do their assigned tasks efficiently.

Prerequisites and Beneficiaries:

Aspiring testes get to reap the benefits of pursuing Online Training courses in Selenium. Major mass recruiters appreciate having employees with a prior knowledge of the tools and frameworks used in the industry.

The prerequisites for taking the course constitute a basic knowledge on the basics of coding and the ability to understand the logic involved in it. 

Online Training Courses in Selenium

With the growth in software industry many companies are looking fortesters. As mentioned earlier Selenium is a widely used framework by the testers in the industry. Having an experience and an idea of its working will help the candidates fare well in comparison to their peers during the selection process.

Online IT Guru has introduced Online Training Courses on Selenium to help students find employment as testers in the industry. The course is designed to give them a real time experience with the tools and framework. To know more about the Online Training Course on Selenium and any other online training courses by Online IT Guru, keep browsing.


Course Information

Selenium is an open source, software testing framework used for web applications that is also portable. With Selenium, users can author tests without learning any scripting language with the help of a record/playback tool.

With Selenium, users have access to a domain specific language, Selenese, to write tests in programming languages. The tests that are written can run on different web browsers and can be deployed on platforms like Windows, Linux and OS X. it can be downloaded for free under the licence of Apache 2.0.

Components of Selenium

  • Selenium IDE: It is an integrated development environment for any Selenium tests. Implemented as Firefox Add-On, it allows tests to be edited, recorded and debugged. Auto complete service is provided to the scripts so that they can be edited and recorded manually. These scripts are recorded in Selenese.
  • Selenium client API: The tests can be written in languages including Selenese can communicate with Selenium by calling methods in Selenium Client API. Presently Client APIs are available for C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Python.
  • Selenium Remote Control: It is a server written in Java that responds to commands for the browser through HTTP. With RC, writing tests for any web application using any programming language is made easy. Better integration is possible with Selenium in the unit testing frameworks. A Selenium RC Server is used for launching HTML, PHP and Java test cases.
  • Selenium Web Driver: It is a successor of Selenium RC. It has the ability to send the commands that it received from the API to the Web Browser.
  • Selenium Grid: It is a server which allows the tests to utilize web browser instances that run on remote machines.

Why Selenium?

Selenium is a widely popular testing framework used in the industry. Major Software Giants around the world work on this Framework.

What are the Prerequisites?

Anyone wishing to be a tester in the one of the giant software companies can pursue this course. All that the individual requires is a basic knowledge on the scripting languages and the basic idea of the nature and workings of any programming language.

Core topics of Selenium Online Course

  •  Introduction
  • Java Concepts
  • Selenium IDE
  • Web Driver
  • Selenium RC and Grid
  • Automation Life Cycle and Framework
  • TestNG

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