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Cognos Online Training

Cognos Online Training

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You can stop all your searches for Online Training Courses in Cognos with Online IT Guru’s Online training courses in Cognos. Online IT Guru is one of the leading institutes for Cognos Online Training. Online IT Guru has been an baton leader Cognos Online Training from last 5 years. [expand title=”Read More…” trigpos=”below”] Pursue Cognos Online Training from Online IT Guru. We have a 100% placement record Cognos Online Training

All about Cognos

Cognos is a product of IBM’s Business Intelligence and Management Software. It is designed for business users in order to extract data and analyse data from different sources and manage reports without the need of having a complete and in-depth knowledge of technical aspects involved in it.

Cognos has the capability to be applied in dealing with relational and multi-dimensional data sources, to be used in creating reports and dashboards which can be delivered through web service architecture.

Cognos has an interactive and simple user interface with smart search option which provides a personal experience to the users. This works on both web and mobile interfaces.

Cognos also allows users to have a complete web based experience. It can upload data that can be either external or personal. Users of Cognos can report and effortlessly combine and generate automatic data models using appropriate keywords.

With Cognos, data analysis and finding, creating and sharing ideas related to the data sources can be centralized. It helps the users to author content regarding the respective data and its sources. The dashboards used with Cognos use drag and drop options on mobile and desktop devices.

Who can learn Cognos?

Anyone who has some longing towards the industry of Data Analysis and Data Warehousing can learn Cognos to grow in the career they choose.

Online Courses on Cognos

Cognos is an integral part of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing. Many professionals working in these fields use Cognos on a daily basis to complete their tasks assigned in their respective companies.

Online IT Guru has been working with firms of various firms, providing them services related to Cognos. Online IT Guru has started providing Online Training Courses on Cognos. The faculty of Online IT Guru has designed the course content to help the students have an experience of the tool so that they can excel in their field of work. To know more, keep browsing Online IT Guru’s website.