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DevOps Online Training Course

DevOps Engineer Online Training

Your search for Online Training Courses on DevOps ends with Online IT Guru’s online training Courses in DevOps. Online IT Guru is one of the leading institutes for DevOps Online Training. [expand title=”Read More…” trigpos=”below”] Online IT Guru has been an baton holder/leader DevOps Online Training from last 5 years.  Pursue/study DevOps Online Training from Online IT Guru.

Online It Guru is a firm with years of experience in providing DevOps related services to various firms located all over India and also around the world.

Coming to the concept of DevOps, it is one of the concepts used in developing software(s), apps and applications in the market. This idea is essentially combining two different phases of development, Development and Operations into a single entity- DevOps.

Why DevOps?

With DevOps the ones working on a certain product, Developers and IT professionals can work together exchanging ideas and requirements on the said product. This helps the firm, stakeholders and the employees’ time and resources in developing the application/app/software.

Why Online Training in DevOps?

With all the major companies and budding start-ups utilizing this concept is has become essential for the job aspirants to be familiar with DevOps. This can be achieved with Online Training Courses in DevOps.

As two phases of software development are combined, one tool isn’t sufficient to complete one phase of development. A Collection of tools or toolchains are needed. The interested students and working professionals, can learn all about DevOps with Online Training in DevOps with Online IT Guru.

The course consists of following topics:

DevOps– History, definitions and objectives, Infrastructure as a Code, DevOps and SDLC, DevOps on Cloud, DevOpsprerequisites, Testing and Integration, Release and deployment, Application Monitoring, DevOps Adoption, Over view of each of the popular tools, General Environment Setup steps in AWS and NTTA

Online IT Guru’s Faculty is industry trained and thus emphasise a lot on practical learning and real-time projects and assignments. This will help the students enrolling in the Online Training course on DevOps to find employment easily.