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MicroStrategy Online Training Course

MicroStrategy Online Training

Your search for online courses on Micro Strategy end with Online IT Guru’s Online Training Courses on Micro Strategy. [expand title=”Read More…” trigpos=”below”]Online IT Guru is one of the leading institutes for MicroStrategy Online Training. Online IT Guru has been an baton leader MicroStrategy Online Training from last 7 years. Study MicroStrategy Online Training from Online IT Guru. We have a 100% placement record on MicroStrategy Online Training

All you need to know about Micro Strategy

Micro Strategy is a Business intelligence and mobile software providing cloud service. Its Head Quarters is in Washington D.C. It is known for developing software and mobile applications for various firms to analyse internal and external data and to make decisions regarding their respective businesses.

Micro Strategy has been marketing three major products in the recent times.

  • Micro Strategy Analytics: It allows organizations to analyse huge amounts of data and cater business insight to various departments in the company while working with small workgroups on Micro Strategy Desktop. With the help of Micro Strategy Analytics, delivery of reports and dashboards to perform Ad hoc analysis.
  • Micro Strategy Mobile: It is a software platform known for combining Analytical capabilities with mobile apps for business for various platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry OS and many more.
  • Usheris a digital credential and business intelligence product. It is a secure and convenient method for firms to manage physical and digital access.

Who can pursue this course?

There are no hard and fast prerequisites for taking this course. Any individual interested in learning about business intelligence and Micro Strategy tools can get enrolled.

Online Training in Micro Strategy

There is a growing demand in the market for courses on Business Intelligence and on the tools used in that stream of work. There are many major institutions that provide Online Training courses on Micro Strategy. One among them is Online IT Guru. Online IT Guru has been providing Business Intelligence services with the help of Micro Strategy tools for quite some time now.

The faculty employed with Online IT Guru also have worked in Business Intelligence earlier. The course designed by them will help the students get an insight on the nature of work in Business Intelligence field and the get a first-hand experience with Micro Strategy’s Tools.