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DataStage Online Training

DataStage Online Training

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All about Data Stage

Info sphere Data Stage was taken over by IBM in 2001 from VMark. Data Stage is an ETL Tool by IBM and is a part of their Information Platforms Solutions. Data Stage is also known to use Graphical notation for construction of data integrated solutions.

Data Stage can be utilized as an interface between various systems. It is used to extract, load and translate data from source to target.

There are 3 versions of Data Stage available. Two of which are widely popular, Server and MVS editions.

Why Data Stage?

With Data Stage, the integration of Data from various sources can be achieved efficiently. Implementing Data validation rules gets much easier. Users can process and transform huge data. The managers and the ones in charge of the integration process can take a breath of relief with the functionalities of handling and managing complex transformations of Data Stage.

Components of Data Stage:

Administrator is in charge of setting the criteria, the users of Data Stage, creating and moving projects.

Manager acts as an interface of Data Stage repository for managing reusable Meta Data and storage.

Designer interface is used to create applications or jobs. The jobs are then complied and executed and later scheduled by Director.

Directoris supposed to validate, schedule, monitor and execute Data Stage and parallel server jobs.

Why Online Courses on Data Stage?

Data Stage is an important tool when it comes to the Domain of Data Warehousing. Most of the major companies working in this domain utilize the tool. Learning about your tools before you get to work is always advisable.

With OnlineITGuru’s Online Training Courses on Data Stage, students and professionals get to experience the real world issues and problems in the form of assignments and projects.

The course work of Online training in Data Stage is designed by the faculty that has years of industry experience in Data Warehousing. They help the students whenever needed either on phone, email or through live chats.