Applications of Java

Applications of Java:

  1. Web Application: The software which can be execute in any machine in the context of a browser Java is used to create server-side web applications like servlet, struts, jsp,fb etc.
  2. Standalone Application: The software which can execute in the context of a single where that we need to install on every machine, server like media player, antivirus. AWT and Swing are used.
  3. Enterprise Application:It is an enterprise edition such as banking applications. In java, for creating enterprise applications EJB is used ,It is also known as Web application
  4. Mobile Application: It is mainly used in mobile devices and currently using in android and java ME applications.

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Java Technology Editions

  • Java SE: This edition is used for providing tools and API’s that can be used to developing in standalone software and even applets. That can be run on almost every popular operating system, including Linux, Solaris, and Windows.
  • JEE: This edition is used for developing webpage software, application server running on modular component. The foundation framework Java Enterprise Edition helps in web application.
  • JME: This edition is used for developing application, software, mobile devices, wireless devices, embedded controllers etc. Less Memory is used Java Micro Edition for short is an accumulation of Java API .
Java Program Structure

Object: Any entity that exits Physically in the real world which requires some memory are called object .Every object will have some actions and properties.

Class: It is a collection of both properties and actions of a group of objects. A Class is considered as a blue print for creating objects.

Variables: A Variable contains some memory with data type , it is used to store the information to manipulates the program.

Sample Program: Below Example tells us welcome to java programming language.welcome Java Program

Visit the following link to install JAVA in you local system 

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