Install PostgreSQL

Visit to down the latest versions of your platform to Install PostgreSQL.

(Now I am using the 11.2.1 version on my system).

Once you have selected the version, its time to install the environment in your system.

Install PostgreSQL

Step 1 : Double click the downloaded exe and Click on Next

install postgresqlStep – 2 :

A default storage location is provided. If you wish you can change and click on next

install postgresql

Step -3 :

install postgresql

Click on Next

 Step  – 4 :

Again click on Next

install postgresql

Step -5:

Its time to create a password to data base. (Choose of your own)

install postgresqlStep -6 :

Remember the default database port is provided. If you wish you can change it. You should remember the port and this is useful at the connecting to the database.

install postgresql

Step -7 :

install postgresql

Select the local of the system. A default is provided. If you wish you can change it and click on Next

Step -8 :

install postgresqlStep – 9 :

Click next

install postgresql

Step -10 :

Click Next

install postgresql

Step – 11:

Click Next

install postgresql

Step -12:

In this stage, you will be finding the progression bar as shown below.

install postgresqlStep – 13 :

Finally, you will be seeing the image as  shown below and click on Finish to complete the installation

install postgresql

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