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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-15
Salesforce Basics

So in the previous block, we have seen SalesForce basics is a Cloud Computing Technology. So let us start the Salesforce tutorial with Cloud computing. Now let us first define

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is delivery of Cloud Services.that contains servers storage, database, networking to process the data instead of local data. The cloud computing services are usually classified into three types namely: Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas), Platform as a Service(Paas) and Software as a Service(Saas).

Since, we said, Salesforce is a cloud CRM, we will now discuss,

What is CRM?

Customer Relation Ship Management(CRM) is a kind of software, that stores the contact information such as name, age, address, phone number. A  CRM is responsible to track Customer activity like Website visits, a number of incoming and outgoing calls. emails and many more. Moreover, CRM is responsible for managing all the aspects of the relationship between the organizations and the customers. This usually makes easier to manage and enhance the relationship with the customer and hence helpful for the better growth of the organizations. And this CRM has great features. Click the link Selenium Features to know more on CRM

So now will now, next move to the topic

What is SalesForce?

SalesForce is one of the best CRM tools in the market. This is strongly equipped with different management systems such as sales, service, marketing etc. Their aim is to support the customer round the clock. Moreover, this enables customers in a whole different way. SalesForce helps organizations to keep the information, update to date and begin the campaign for different companies, to deal with their clients, sales and business deals. Moreover, this tool helps to create a custom solution according to the business requirements. Moreover, SalesForce CRM is different from other CRM. Now its differentiate these

Traditional CRMSalesForce CRM
It was hosted on the Company's ServersIt was hosted on Cloud
This set up requires months (or) years to set upThis can be set up in a few days (or) weeks
It is difficult to understand and useIt is easy to understand and use
Data management is not done at a single placeData Management is done at a single place

So in the next section, we will discuss more on salesforce like need, history and so on.